Nirav improved physique and joint pain on carnivore diet

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st finally getting around to submitting my story on the website. Feel free to share as you please! FYI, I added an additional point, 19, that i forgot to mention in the original post about DOMS. 
Name: Nirav Surati (Age 23)
I DID THE CARNIVORE DIET! I ate ONLY red meat and eggs for 60 days! That’s it. Things that have happened so far: (Note: Many of these things occurred within only 1 week!) 1. Getting bigger
2. Getting leaner
3. Joint pain/soreness completely gone (didn’t even know I had it. Thought I was just sore from lifting)
4. Zero GI issues
5. Barely any gas
6. Awesome energy throughout the day. Never tired.
7. Zero sugar cravings 
8. Never feel “tight” anymore after lifts or days after 
9. Super easy to adhere to
10. Good sleep quality
11. Zero acne/less blackheads
12. Zero allergies
13. Minor musculoskeletal issues/tweaks gone
14. Minor pain in left hip/low back area gone 
15. Faster cold recovery/immune system boost
16. Increased flexibility and ROM
17. An additional INCH off my waist
18. Improved eyesight (more on this later)

19. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) has been significantly reduced. 

Even though my starting point was sub 10% BF, I got leaner. Prior to this, I was practicing Intermittent Fasting Carb Cycling and have even dieted down to 5% BF. However, with this method, I can stay lean YEAR ROUND. Even though I’m eating almost 1,500 MORE calories from strictly fat and protein. 
Huge thank you to @shawnbaker1967 for shaking up the nutritional dogma. As a biomedical engineer, I always found coursework at college a bit controversial. We never really solve the root issues: Hyperinsulinemia and Inflammation. 
Demonizing meat is a step in the wrong direction. MEAT IS A HEALTH FOOD and REAL RESULTS takes superiority over weak studies. I have zero signs of nutritional deficiencies and I feel the BEST I’ve ever felt in my life. 
If any of you guys have any autoimmune issues such as joint pain, Crohn’s, eczema, or if you’re looking to get lean and put on muscle, or just want to feel good, try out the carnivore diet! 
@bigstrongfast @marksmellybell 
I am doing very well! I’ve have been carnivore for almost a year and a half now and have never been better. My performance in the gym is consistently improving, I am putting on more muscle mass than before despite having similar protein intake, and my recovery is just second to none. I eat pretty much once a day (3 hour window max), train fasted, and eat post workout. This little routine has become my new lifestyle and it has really opened up a lot of usable time during the day for other goals. My digestion is now perfect and have zero issues in terms of going to the bathroom, discomfort, bloating, gas, etc. My capacity to eat has also increased to over 3+ pounds in a sitting. 
I’ve done various lab work as well showing that my markers are exceptionally well and signs of chronic disease are extremely low. 
Let me know if you have other specific questions!
Best regards,

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