Autumn improved psoriasis on a carnivore diet

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I’ve had psoriasis since I was around 10 years old. It was relatively mild when I was younger but it got worse and worse over the years and at its worst I had it over most of my body. It has improved greatly both with a Ketogenic diet and with fasting. What I had left at the start of this year was 5 spots on my abdominal area and a patch on my face around my nose.

I did a 4 day water only fast (plus electrolytes) in January and the patch on my face improved. But it flared up again in February (no idea what caused that) and I hoped that another extended fast would help again. It did! I ended my fast at 113.5 hours and the patch on my face is not gone, but it has changed from what I would describe as something similar to very dry, chapped, cracked skin to just a dry patch that needs a little moisturizer. Also, one of the 5 spots on my abdominal area looks to be completely healed.

I recently switched to a ZC/Carnivore way of eating in January and that also seemed to improve the psoriasis situation quite a bit. Less itchy and less flare ups. The one flare up I experienced over the course of two months between January and February is a marked improvement over what I have experienced in the past.

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