Madison eliminated all symptoms of heavy periods on a carnivore diet

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Hi, my name is Madison and I want to tell you how the carnivore diet has impacted my life for the better.


In a severe accident

4 years ago I was involved in a severe accident on a Miami beach. I literally sat down and was impaled on a broken wine bottle and ended up with a massive blood clot and fully septic. I flatlined during the first emergency surgery and spent 4 months in ICU getting a 18 inch deep hole packed from cutting out the infection on my upper right glute and down my thigh. I barely survived and my body needed intense recovery.


I needed meat

I was sick from all man made food. I had massive tissue damage in the area that needed to grow back. My body started craving red meat intuitively I believe. It’s the only thing I could eat without getting sick. Now I eat primarily just red meat but I do dine on seafood and eggs on occasions and I drink coffee but stopped the milk for creamer. I attribute my physique to my carnivore diet and hope I can influence others.


I am a tattoo model, dominatrix and I cosplay Seattle Catwoman which I use to also promote my carnivore diet.


My current situation

As a woman my experience has been decreased period length and all related symptoms are gone like headache, bloating, cramps, heavy flow. I don’t ever have bloating, gas or a puffy tummy. Sex drive is high but always been lol. Noticeable ability to build muscle and I’m very lean. Currently body fat is 17% I’m 119lbs 18.5 bmi waist is just under 25in. I’m currently training doing big compound lifting to build muscle and keep improving my body. My heritage is Scandinavian I’m 2nd generation American. I am a tattoo model, dominatrix and I cosplay Seattle Catwoman which I use to also promote my carnivore diet.

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