Mike improved IBS, eye sight, and type 2 diabetes on the carnivore lifestyle

Mike’s Diagnosis and Treatment


In 1996, Mike contracted the Epstein-Barr virus. After eighteen months of feeling exhausted, he decided he needed help from a doctor. The doctor looked at him, saw how terrible he looked and felt, and immediately put him in the hospital. It was there Mike learned the virus had caused him to develop Hodgkins Lymphoma– a type of cancer. Mike had surgery while in the hospital, followed by chemotherapy and radiation.


Mike’s Health Struggles Post-Cancer


Eventually, Mike was declared cancer-free; however, he says the exhaustion he had been experiencing before his cancer diagnosis never disappeared. Mike was so tired he couldn’t work or get out of bed some days.


During this time, Mike was also diagnosed with diabetes, which he tried to control with diet, but his weight started to creep up. Mike’s doctors told him he would get better if he exercised, which is what he tried to do. However, after twenty years, he felt his condition only worsened, and he felt more defeated.


Mike’s Self-Research


Mike decided to do some research independently since the doctors and medications weren’t helping. He came across Dr. Jason Fung, who is best known for being an advocate of fasting. Mike began experimenting with fasting and found the longer he fasted, the better he felt. Mike also came across videos on YouTube about the ketogenic diet, so he decided to add that to his fasting.


Mike’s Transition to Carnivore Diet


Mike continued to improve while fasting and eating low-carb. Mike says he isn’t sure where he learned about the carnivore diet, but somewhere in his research into keto, he began to learn about how focusing on eating meat can be healing for many people.


Mike isn’t a big fan of vegetables and struggled with the number of vegetables he was being told to eat while on keto. And so, fourteen months ago, Mike decided to give the carnivore way of eating a shot.


Mike’s Results on Carnivore Diet


Mike says giving up vegetables was not a sacrifice for him, and he quickly transitioned into the carnivore lifestyle. Since he has been eating the carnivore way, Mike says he feels like “a new man.” Mike has lost 25 kilograms between his keto and carnivore diet, and he is no longer considered diabetic. He said his endocrinologist was so impressed with his blood markers he asked him, “Why are you here?”


Mike’s Fasting and Current Lifestyle


Mike says today he typically eats one meal a day around six o’clock in the evening. He shared he is amazed how he doesn’t feel hungry while following a carnivore lifestyle. Before Mike gave up carbohydrates, he struggled to skip breakfast for a simple blood test. Now, he often forgets to eat and will sometimes unintentionally fast. 


Mike says fasting is a big part of his health journey. He also says he has learned how to get through a fast mentally and enjoys the health benefits he experiences. He’s been known to fast for up to fourteen days. Mike also says his muscles have improved, and he feels very healthy. He is off all his medications and is thankful for the new life the carnivore way of eating has given him.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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