Amanda B reversed serious depression on a carnivore lifestyle

Six years ago, Amanda got so sick her organs began failing. Since then, she has been on an epic health journey. Initially, Amanda tried the mainstream American health standards, which didn’t help her. Then she moved into plant-based, experimenting with different plant-based variations like vegetarian, fruitarian, and eventually raw plants. Amanda transitioned into trying raw meat from raw plants, saying after her first bite of meat, she felt like her “life came back.”

Even before she became sick, Amanda shared she never ate much meat, and what she ate was usually chicken or fish. She says she cried after discovering how wonderful she felt eating raw meat. Amanda ate raw meat like pork belly, chuck roast, and bacon for a while. She said her mind felt more transparent and had a better sense of reason and self. Amanda didn’t realize what her body was missing was meat.

Unfortunately, Amanda did experience a bacteria changeover while eating raw meat, so she had to take a step back and reassess what she could do to nourish her body as best as possible. In the summer of this last year, she began to experiment again. This time she felt her body having a histamine response, and she felt lethargic and depressed.

Amanda learned her body doesn’t handle pork well, so she decided to try liver and grass-fed beef and felt “blood rushed” to her brain. She could instantly tell the combination of the two worked for her body.

Amanda shares her body seems to have several sensitivities, so though she doesn’t eat her meat completely raw, she’s found cooked meat makes her body react. She eats her liver and beef “warm” or, as some call it, “blue-cooked.” Amanda also shared that she will occasionally enjoy a low-carbohydrate vegetable, but eating any vegetable is more out of comfort. She knows her body doesn’t need the vegetable, but some have a nostalgic feeling for her.

Amanda also follows “cycle fasting.” She doesn’t follow the exact fasting schedules every week or month– she likes to keep her body guessing. She said sometimes she fasts for twenty-four hours and sometimes eats for sixteen hours– it’s never the same. She also shared she is trying to reintroduce some dairy and would like to add sardines to her diet.

Finding the foods that work best for her body has been “liberating” for Amanda. She knows eating commercial beef does not work for her, and she becomes very inflamed. By eating practically raw liver and grass-fed beef, she says she feels very calm and zen– a stark contrast to her life before the carnivore way of life.

Amanda said in the past, doctors tried to “throw pills” at her and advised her to go to psychotherapy. Amanda says she doesn’t have an issue with therapy, but “you can’t talk your way through a vitamin deficiency.” For her, the carnivore way of life was the missing link. She says she feels “one with how I live,” and this way of eating has given her “vitality.” She feels very thankful she has been on a journey to find what works for her.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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