March 26, 2021

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Izzie healed from binge eating and endometriosis/reproductive issues on a Carnivore diet

Izzie’s Struggle with Health Issues   Izzie has struggled with severe allergies, hives, and asthma for most of her life. She says since she was two years old, her mom has done everything possible to help her daughter. She tried various creams and elimination diets, carried an inhaler with her everywhere, and only ate organic foods– nothing seemed to help.

Amy stopped having malignant melanoma moles on a Carnivore lifestyle

The Unconventional Diet That Saved Amy’s Life     Amy practiced the carnivore diet before it had a name. Amy was diagnosed with malignant melanoma (skin cancer) thirty years ago at thirteen. She had multiple surgeries on her calf to remove cancer cells, but they seemed to be returning. Amy started seeing a functional doctor who was before his time

Thomas cleared his acne, lost weight and eliminated overeating on a Carnivore lifestyle

Thomas’ Struggles with Acne and Gut Issues   Thomas struggled with severe acne and gut issues as a teenager. Thomas was an athlete who constantly competed and trained in football, wrestling, and swimming. He says his diet was complete garbage.   Thomas remembers eating foods like bagels and protein bars and going to Taco Bell and Buffalo Wild Wings quite

Rick is off all medications for chronic inflammation and malaise on a Carnivore lifestyle

Rick’s Health Struggles Rick has spent most of his life playing sports and even ran marathons as a middle-aged adult. However, Rick’s diet was causing him inflammation and pain. He has had four knee replacements, surgery in his neck, and intense pain in other areas of his body. Rick also struggled with high blood pressure, eczema, and weight gain.  

Huw head pain from multiple injuries on a carnivore lifestyle

Childhood and Early Adulthood   Even though Huw lived in Texas, an area filled with cattle, as a child, he did not eat a single steak until he was well into his twenties. Huw has been a sportsman for most of his life and was taught carbohydrates are vital to having the energy to play sports and perform highly physical

Alexandra lost weight, resolved acid reflux, eczema, inflammation, joint pain all on a carnivore lifestyle

Alexandra lives in France and has struggled with “emotional eating” for the last twenty-three years. Alexandra describes trying many diets, usually constricting her calories, losing weight only to gain it back. During her time of yo-yo dieting, Alexandra also gave birth to two children, and she said her pregnancies only worsened her weight gain. Alexandra says she has a twin

John V healed his crohns disease and now has negative biopsy results all from a carnivore diet

John’s Journey with Crohn’s Disease and the Carnivore Diet John says even before he became a carnivore diet follower, he was into health and fitness. He describes eating a Standard American Diet but emphasizing protein, vegetables, and fruit. However, at just twenty-one years old, John was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease– a disease of the body characterized by inflammation in the

Paula lost weight and had increased energy every day on a carnivore lifestyle

Five years ago, Paula found herself overweight and struggling with several ailments. Paula is just 5’1” and, at the time, weighed 215 pounds– a number considered obese for her height. She also struggled with hypothyroidism, migraines, depression, and high blood pressure. Paula was also concerned because she has a strong family tie to type 2 diabetes– she knew something had

Samaria has reversed tardive dyskinesia on a carnivore lifestyle

Samaria’s Struggle with Mental Health Samaria says she didn’t realize how sick she was until she found the carnivore lifestyle and became sick no more! Samaria has a long list of ailments she has been struggling with for most of her life: inflammation and pain in her joints, allergies, hives, imbalanced hormones, insomnia, and gut issues– to name a few.

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