Huw head pain from multiple injuries on a carnivore lifestyle

Childhood and Early Adulthood


Even though Huw lived in Texas, an area filled with cattle, as a child, he did not eat a single steak until he was well into his twenties. Huw has been a sportsman for most of his life and was taught carbohydrates are vital to having the energy to play sports and perform highly physical activities.


Huw says after a while, he developed an addiction to carbs. He struggled to go more than just a few hours without eating, and his thoughts were consumed with his next meal.


Discovering the Dangers of Carbs


Huw says growing up, his mom and grandmother were always on diets. He describes growing up thinking the way to be healthy was to eat margarine, lentils, vegetables, and skim milk. Huw also describes being “born with a coffee addiction.”


His mother, who is now eighty, drank up to twenty-two cups of coffee a day while pregnant with Huw. He says his mother has told him as an infant, he would be fussy and unsatisfied with her breastmilk until she drank coffee. And as a child, he often drank coffee with milk and sugar.


Huw dabbled in vegetarianism in his early adulthood. He credits moving to France for school as what healed him from vegetarianism. While in France, his diet was less dependent on carbs and more dependent on animal products. He didn’t realize it then, but he returned from France much healthier than when he left.


Huw says he developed “secret pain” as an adult but tried to work through it and not let it define his life. It wasn’t until he worked as a coach and coach educator that Huw began to learn the dangers of carbs.


He said his new-found knowledge contradicted what he had been taught and what he was teaching other coaches and ultimately was a factor in stepping down from his position.


From a Carb Addiction to a Carnivore Diet


Huw started to cut his carbohydrate intake, which led him down a path following the paleo diet and then the ketogenic diet. From there, he began to learn about Dr. Shawn Baker.


Dr. Baker is a sportsman, too, so Huw felt he could easily relate to his story. Huw says he didn’t experience many transitional issues going from keto to the carnivore diet, but the pain he had been experiencing went away very quickly.


Transition to the Carnivore Diet


When Huw first started the carnivore way of eating in late 2017, he says he focused more on a “zero-carb” lifestyle. He ate a lot of meat, bacon, sausage, and cheese and kept coffee as a part of his diet. Huw says after a couple of years, he eliminated cheese and broke his addiction to coffee.


Overcoming Addictions


Not only has Huw overcome an addiction to carbs, but he has also overcome an addiction to caffeine. He says no longer worrying about when he’s going to eat or looking for the next cup of coffee while he is out with family is very “freeing.” He says he feels an overwhelming sense of peace because he isn’t dependent.


Becoming a MeatRx Coach


Huw has also become a MeatRx coach through this lifestyle change and enjoys the community and organization the MeatRx site brings. As a coach, he says his philosophy is “process over big picture goals.”


Huw says he wants to teach his clients to focus on one step at a time and to do that one step to the best of their ability. He says that “if you can do the basics well,” you will meet your goals.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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