Samaria has reversed tardive dyskinesia on a carnivore lifestyle

Samaria’s Struggle with Mental Health

Samaria says she didn’t realize how sick she was until she found the carnivore lifestyle and became sick no more! Samaria has a long list of ailments she has been struggling with for most of her life: inflammation and pain in her joints, allergies, hives, imbalanced hormones, insomnia, and gut issues– to name a few. However, her biggest battle has been with her mental health.


Discovering the Carnivore Lifestyle

Samaria says she struggled with bipolar disorder, depression, Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and agoraphobia– a type of severe anxiety that involves avoiding certain situations and settings that might trigger a panic attack. Samaria says all of her issues combined were highly overwhelming. At multiple points in her life, she was on six or more medications and seeing numerous doctors and therapists.


Overcoming the Distaste for Meat

Samaria says she felt hopeless that her life would be this way forever. Samaria had been listening to Jordan Peterson for a while when he started talking about a diet that changed his daughter Mikayla’s life. Samaria started researching Mikayla and listening to her talk about her experience. That is where she stumbled across Dr. Shawn Baker and the MeatRx community.


The Power of Hiring a Coach

Samaria says she decided to try the carnivore way of life after learning about its many benefits. Although she had some successes initially, like weight loss and finding exercise, she struggled to commit to carnivore eating. Samaria says that one of her biggest battles was her distaste for meat.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Way of Eating

Samaria says she hated the diet for five months. She describes the carnivore diet followers eating ribeyes galore in many of the forums and discussions she was reading. Still, Samaria can’t stand a lot of meat, including ribeyes. It wasn’t until she hired a MeatRx coach, who gave her permission to use seasonings, that Samaria began to enjoy the meat she was eating. Once she learned the power of variety and herbs, her whole carnivore experience changed.

Samaria’s Advice for Others

Samaria is an advocate for hiring a coach. She says, for her, the price of a coach is entirely worth it. She can justify the cost because she is saving so much more money on doctors and therapists by having someone to keep her accountable. Samaria also advocates for the MeatRx mental health forums and meetings. She said she had learned much about her mental health through the sessions.


Today, Samaria says she is experiencing “pure joy” and mental clarity for the first time. She says 95% of her previous ailments are gone. She does still have some occasional issues with insomnia and her hormones. However, the carnivore way of eating has helped her body respond much better to additional treatment.


Samaria eats mostly meats, with seasonings and dairy. However, Samaria says the longer she follows the carnivore lifestyle, the less she finds that she needs extra flavor. She suspects there will come a time when her diet is pure meat.


Samaria says she is “grateful that this type of treatment is gentler” than other treatments she has sought. Still, she admits the carnivore diet isn’t easy, but she encourages others not to give up. She says she is thankful that she no longer has to live with a cloud over her life and is looking forward to living her life healthy and happy “for the next forty years.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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