Tammi C. has healed a lifetime of obesity, and unhealthy eating habits with the carnivore diet

Tammi has struggled with her weight her entire life. Tammi describes even as a child; she was always a little bigger. Tammi says that, thankfully, the extra weight had not caused her major health concerns yet. However, she knew her health would suffer if she continued on this path.


Tammi’s Weight Struggles


Tammi says she spent her lifetime dieting but “never found that one thing that would stick.” In January 2020, she started the New Year on a diet, just as she had for many years.


Tammi says she and her husband even went on an eight-mile hike that day to start the new year on a good foot. However, within a few weeks, Tammi’s diet went off track, and she felt very defeated.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet on YouTube


Tammi says she was searching on YouTube for something, but she wasn’t sure what and stumbled across Laura Spath– an influencer and carnivore diet follower. Laura spent almost a year losing 120 pounds following the carnivore diet and has kept it off.


Through Laura’s YouTube channel, Tammi also found Kelly Hogan and many other carnivore advocates and began to soak up all the information she could about this way of eating.


Tammi’s Transition to the Carnivore Lifestyle


The next day Tammi says she went to the grocery store and bought food to start her carnivore journey. Tammi says she didn’t experience many issues transitioning in the early days of her carnivore lifestyle. Just a few days of weakness or some slight keto flu symptoms.


Benefits of the Carnivore Lifestyle for Tammi


Tammi says she initially decided to follow the carnivore diet for thirty days, but after the thirty days were up, she decided to keep going as her health improved.


She said she didn’t weigh herself for the first six months, fearing it would trigger her. However, she described the health improvements kept coming, and she felt better and better every day.


Through it all, Tammi lost fifty-eight pounds by following the carnivore diet. She says today she enjoys eggs and beef steaks every day– ribeye and new york strips are her favorite. Tammi also drinks coffee and uses little spices, mostly pink Himalayan salt and pepper.


After following the carnivore diet for a year, she recently eliminated dairy. The simple act of not adding heavy cream to her coffee and cheese to her eggs allowed her to lose the last seven pounds she wanted to lose within just a couple of weeks.


Tammi’s Transformation and Continued Commitment to the Carnivore Diet


Tammi says besides the benefit of weight loss, the carnivore lifestyle has allowed her to be more active, especially outdoors. She and her family enjoy camping, hiking, hunting– just about any excuse to be outside in their home state of Montana.


Tammi says the carnivore way of eating has given her energy to “gladly” be outdoors doing what she loves with her family.


Tammi says if you had told her the secret to her weight loss would be eating only meat, she would not have believed you. She says, “I love this way of eating.” Being a carnivore diet follower has given Tammi the simplicity and sustainability she was never able to find in any other diet.


Tammi is grateful for all she has learned and achieved through the carnivore lifestyle. She says she believes in this way of eating and, “I’m in it for good now.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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