Ashley Noelle resolved acne, IBS, and inflammation on a Carnivore lifestyle

Ashley experienced a lot of trauma as a child. She says much of the trauma was due to family situations that caused her to struggle with high levels of depression and anxiety. By the time Ashley had become a preteen, she was on ten different medications for depression and anxiety. She had even attempted suicide.

Ashley says she now knows many of her mental health struggles were due to family instability and poor nutrition. Ashley says even as a child, she was always sick and missed many days at school. She also developed a distended stomach and chronic constipation at a young age.

Ashley also struggled with anorexia and bulimia, which she says she overcame by adding meat; however, she also followed the Standard American Diet. Ashley says she ate a lot of carbs and bread but had no idea they could affect her to such a high degree. As a teenager, Ashley developed severe acne and stopped doing things she loved, like acting. She says her acne caused her to lose her confidence.

In hopes of trying to cure her severe acne, Ashley tried removing dairy from her diet, which then transitioned to a vegetarian and then vegan diet. She said she was highly anxious when she was vegan and considered prediabetic. She spent several years trying to keep her insulin resistance under control with very little success.

In 2013, Ashley became a health coach. She said initially, what she was taught, gave her very little insight into what could help her with her health. It wasn’t until someone suggested she needed to eat more meat that Ashley realized that meat was the missing link. Ashley also began practicing intermittent fasting, and her health soon improved.

Like many carnivore diet followers, Ashley began following the ketogenic diet before shifting to all meat. Ashley says while she experienced health benefits from the ketogenic diet, her distended stomach and acne were still prevalent. When Ashley chose to jump into the carnivore diet, she says initially, she was very strict, only consuming beef and water for the first three to four weeks. After that, Ashley added in coffee and started branching into different cuts of meat.

Ashley says she didn’t experience any problems transitioning from the keto to the carnivore diet– if anything, she only saw improvements in her digestion. She says, “for the first time, it felt good not to carry all that parasitic stress.” The carnivore diet also resolved Ashley’s acne and improved her mental health. Ashley says she has “grown with the carnivore diet.” This way of living has inspired her to enter alternative health, changed her perspective, and helped her heal the mental strain of her past traumas.

Ashley is now a coach. She says she loves the discussions and community the site provides. She enjoys the forums and face-to-face meetings and says, “connection is gold.” Ashley says her approach to health coaching is a little different than most. Her philosophy is centered around “creativity, thinking in expansive ways, and having a vision” for what health can be. She is thankful for this community and is excited to help others find “who they see themselves as” through their health journeys.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Ashley Noelle resolved acne, IBS, and inflammation on a Carnivore lifestyle”

  1. Jamie MacLean

    I very much enjoyed my session with Ashley. She was easy to talk to and very accommodating. Her style is unique and enjoyable! I definitely recommend.

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