Thomas cleared his acne, lost weight and eliminated overeating on a Carnivore lifestyle

Thomas’ Struggles with Acne and Gut Issues


Thomas struggled with severe acne and gut issues as a teenager. Thomas was an athlete who constantly competed and trained in football, wrestling, and swimming. He says his diet was complete garbage.


Thomas remembers eating foods like bagels and protein bars and going to Taco Bell and Buffalo Wild Wings quite often. He also says he kept food logs and would consume five thousand calories daily to keep up with his intense training.


Thomas says from the age of approximately fourteen, he experienced stomach pains and issues with his digestion. He also became dependent on energy drinks to get through the day in high school.


Thomas’ acne became worse as he got older as well. He sought help from a dermatologist for his severe acne, but the creams he was given caused his face to burn and did very little to heal his skin.


Thomas also describes being on a constant rollercoaster with his weight. He would train intensely for his sports, causing him to be hungry and overeat but lose weight.


Then Thomas would be between seasons but continue to overeat and gain twenty pounds. He even describes going to Puerto Rico for six weeks and eating up to eight thousand calories daily.


During his senior year of high school, Thomas’ unhealthy habits all came to a head. He went to the dermatologist around Christmastime to seek additional treatment, where he was given a pill to treat his acne.


He took the drug for three days, but his acne only worsened on the medication. He describes feeling ashamed of his skin as he posed for family Christmas photographs.


Thomas said a week later, a friend invited him to a New Year’s Eve party that he didn’t want to attend because he was so self-conscious. He knew something needed to change.


Thomas’ Search for Healing and Discovery of the Carnivore Diet


Thomas began doing research and found the Bullet Proof Diet. This diet is low-carbohydrate and high-fat based; however, there is an emphasis on plants. Thomas saw minor improvements with the diet and even found himself “trying to get more vegetables” into his daily eating.


Thomas then stumbled across a podcast that included Dr. Paul Saladino, a medical professional and carnivore advocate who healed his eczema with the carnivore lifestyle.


Thomas began to learn about the toxicity of plants from other carnivore diet advocates like Dr. Shawn Baker and Judy Cho and wondered if vegetables and other plants could cause his issues. He decided to try the carnivore diet for thirty days.


Thomas’ Experience with the Carnivore Diet and Its Benefits


Thomas says he noticed significant changes in those thirty days. His skin became the clearest it had ever been, his energy and gut issues improved, and he lost weight. Today Thomas says he eats a lot of beef, mainly steak and chuck roast, eggs, organs, seafood, and cooks using tallow.


He says he loves trying new carnivore foods, including animal organs, and has been researching the benefits of eating liver to treat acne.


Thomas’ Food Freedom and Continued Learning in the Carnivore Community


Thomas says the carnivore diet has given him “food freedom.” And he is “no longer a slave to his cravings.” Thomas also says he appreciates learning from other carnivore diet followers, including those on the MeatRx platform.


He says in the beginning, the success stories he heard were vital to get him to try this way of eating. He is grateful for all he is learning about his health from the carnivore community and is looking forward to continuing to tweak what works for him.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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