Mark treated Lyme disease on a carnivore diet

Hi, my name is Mark. I want to share my path to health on a carnivore diet with you.


Lyme Disease On A Vegan Diet


When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After one clueless doctor after another, I decided the way I was going to get well was to take matters into my own hands. I was a pizza delivery guy at the time, and I came across Gary Null’s Natural Living radio show. 


He preached a vegetarian diet, preferably vegan, and cited countless health benefits in living that lifestyle. It made perfect sense to me, so I adopted the veggie life. 2 years into it, I was wondering, what the heck is the deal? This isn’t working like Gary said it would. 


But at that point, I was so brainwashed by the vegan propaganda that I knew I’d get healthy eventually if I kept detoxing, cleansing, meditating, and exercising. Another year or two later, I decided to go a more drastic route and became a raw food vegan.


Going Raw Vegan


I was eating seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables in their raw, uncooked state. For the first time in my life, I felt a shift in my health. I started to feel a lot better. The raw food diet made sense. I became so passionate about it that I would tell anyone and everyone. 


I started only dating girls who were raw vegan. I went to raw vegan potlucks and events. I was hooked. At one of the events, someone told me about the 80/10/10 diet and how that was the ultimate form of eating raw vegan. 


I gave it a try and was hooked even more! I felt invincible. I was running everywhere I went. Strength was going up. I felt like a kid again. I went and got nutrition certifications, so I could have some credentials when I started teaching people how to eat this way.


My Teeth Were Rotting 


My first blow came when I went to the dentist because one of my teeth literally broke in half one day when I was sitting there. It just fell apart. That was kind of strange. I had 17 cavities at the dentist. 17!!! I ended up having three teeth pulled because they were rotten beyond repair. They couldn’t even do a root canal on them. 


My teeth were rotting out of my skull like I was on meth. What was the raw vegan remedy? Green juice, of course! I started juicing the daylights out of greens. Six glasses a day. Which, of course, upset my stomach a great deal. Man is not meant to be drinking green juices.


More Vegan Problems


Anyway, after the dental incident, I started noticing other symptoms I couldn’t ignore anymore. My anxiety and social withdrawal became a BIG problem. I couldn’t go out in public anymore. I started having phobias too. 


In addition to that, my Lyme Symptoms started coming back worse than ever. I used to be able to watch muscle spasms in my legs and arms like it was an entertainment show.


My digestion became so bad that I could only digest fruit. Not even a salad. My body temperature dropped so low that I couldn’t even be outside if it wasn’t 80 out. 


And I kept the heat on 78 in my house in the winter while wearing thermal everything. I finally decided to realize veganism was destroying me, worse than Lyme Disease ever did. Every good thing I experienced on a diet was only temporary.


For about ten years after veganism, I went from one diet to another. Ultimately, I settled on low-carb paleo because they made me feel best. My problem, though, was always intense cravings for sweets. And I always gave in to muffins and cookies. 


This went on for years. One day on Facebook, I came across the concept of eating a zero-carb diet. I didn’t see how this was possible. I actually laughed at and mocked the people doing it until I started reading stories and seeing how healthy people looked.


Carnivore For The First Time


Eventually, I said screw it and gave it a shot. I felt HORRENDOUS and gave up after five days or so. Then went back to my mostly paleo diet. I bounced back and forth between paleo and carnivore about a dozen times before finally realizing that carnivore is THE diet.


Nearly every ailment or symptom I’ve ever had is completely gone:


  • No more Lyme disease symptoms
  • My digestion is better than it’s ever been in my life.
  • My energy is outstanding, like I’m 18 again.
  • I have absolutely no cravings (except for coffee because I love it so much).
  • I feel more like a man.
  • I feel strong. Confident.
  • My mental clarity is on point.
  • My sex drive is alive and well.
  • My 10+ year dandruff issue cleared up.
  • My gums stopped being swollen and bleeding, which is a problem I dealt with since childhood.

It’s almost miraculous what this meat-based diet has done for me.


What Do I Eat?


Mostly beef: steaks and hamburgers. Occasional ground turkey or something in a pinch, and occasional bacon as well. I eat about 1-2 dozen eggs a week.


I drink a cup of black coffee a day, rarely two cups. I use Kerrygold butter. I’ve tinkered with cheese and heavy cream a bit. They don’t agree with me at all, so I cut them out. I’m pretty much beef, eggs, and coffee only.


This diet has given me my life back. And if one struggling vegan reads this and decides to make the switch, then this was all worth writing out and submitting!


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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7 thoughts on “Mark treated Lyme disease on a carnivore diet”

  1. Mark, thanks a lot for this! I’m about to start Carnivore Diet….. I’ve got Lyme, and done vegan, keto, veg and everything else without any help at all….. excited to give this a shot.

  2. Hi, I’ve been in the keto for three years and I’m planning a carnivore. Because I have borreliosis in the CNS, constant joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, poorer vision. How long have you seen the results thanks

    1. It differs for each person … So, please do not compare your results or recovery speed to another. However, Carnivor is THE way if nothing else has worked and you are willing to commit. For rare individuals like me, only ruminant non-aged meat is the way which I believe now thanks to Petersons it has gained a cool name “the lion diet” ….. back when I as a child was put on this lifestyle it was not called the “lion diet” ….. now, I love this name …

  3. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for sharing. I have also experimented with every diet and have not found success in healing Lyme. In fact the vegetarian diet made the inflammation worse. I am on day 2 of a carnivore diet, I can see how hard this will be for a while. No noticeable difference yet. The cravings for sweets is strong. I’m curious as to how long you have been on the Carnivore diet.

  4. Hey Mark,

    Thank you for sharing and love the light hearted wit in this article too! I was vegan for 8 years and it did not agree with me. High anxiety, fatigue, and then all my lyme symptoms. Bad teeth too, bad skin. Been carnivore a year and a half and feel so much better! I am glowing! My skin hair is so much better and lyme symptoms are so much better

  5. Wow. I am struggling with miserable Lyme symptoms and have been eating mostly paleo, organic…lot of vegetables and fairly low carb. I have been frustrated at how much I still struggle after doing this for quite awhile. I think I’m going to try this….I’m pretty desperate and so weary of feeling trapped and held down by a body full of pain and inflammation.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

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