Lindsay lost weight and improved skin and digestion on carnivore diet

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Hello, my name is Lindsay. I’m 43 years old. I’m healthier than I have ever been thanks to you, Dr. Baker! But let me go back…

Growing up without fat


I was brought up in early 80s eating zero fat my mum was a model she was a size 8 ( uk ) she never allowed any fat in the house apart from bacon and cheese ( those were my dads) ,… I can remember being drawn to the fridge and I would eat the raw bacon rind and stuff my face with cheese…. looking back I must have been craving fat.



How I became sick


All through my twenties I followed low fat diet eating gummy bears etc to take the urge to eat a meal away …. eventually I was eating bags a week …. when I left home I worked as a model for a while and while we all darent eat lots of meat. Girls took tablets of collagen …. as I became older and a mother for the second time at 30yrs old my health took a real blow …. I wasn’t able to lose the weight … I had stomach trouble … body aches the list goes on … my skin was red and inflamed and I got lots of sinus infections which iv had at least 9 courses of antibiotics for ,…. so was put on more meds …. omeprazole tramadol etc …. I decided after a few years I needed to take heed ,,, I did … I went keto …



Going keto and carnivore


I felt 85 percent better …. over the last 2 years I’ve gone keto carnivore to the point that meat is my main diet …. I’m on no meds … I’m in my forties and feel great ( I’m amazed at how many of my friends are on meds for life at this age) findings this way of life has saved me .


My poor mum


Go back to my mum who never ate a speck of fat …. she had her gall bladder removed at 36 … she’s suffered horrendous back pain and spine pain … at 61 she’s had 1 hip replacement and they want to do the other soon … they said she has the bones of an 88 year old !!! She can’t lift the kettle or the frying pan … she can’t dry her hair as her bones are crumbling… I know for a fact now that low fat is our enemy …. luckily she’s following my diet now … il keep you posted lol


Recovering from surgery


As for me iv never felt better … I even had surgery with zero carb and I use to suffer with hypertrophic scarring … guess what … normal scars this time !!!!! Amazing yes !!!! Only thing I found with surgery was that when I woke up I was very dehydrated…. so make sure you tell your anaesthetist about your diet.

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