Joshua healed his IBS on a carnivore diet

Hi Mr Shawn, I’m from the FB group Principia Carnivora.

IBS and a lot of pain

I’ve been battling terrible IBS since I got food poisoning in 2005. So it’s been 12 years of consistent diarrhoea, pain and always having to be near a toilet. Unexplained weight gain around the belly, excessive sweating, drop in exercise performance, water retention and mood swings, foggy mind. My life was filled with supplements, probiotics and medications all for the gut. I also spent thousands on natural doctors, alternative medication etc…etc..nothing worked. I was having constant gut pain the past two years as my IBS somehow got worse. Doctors thought it was colon cancer but they found nothing after many scopes.

Diagnosed with diabetes

I’ve also always been active, fit and naturally muscular. Except for my belly. I kept a “balance” healthy diet and avoided sugar and junk all my life. Yet I was suddenly diagnosed with early stage type 2 diabetes this year. A shock to both my doctor and I.

‘Fast’ track to health

After the diagnosis, I felt that the balance diet and exercise approach failed me horribly, I decided to go completely carnivorous, and included 72 hour fasts twice a month.….and it not only reversed my diabetes within two months, it totally healed my IBS.

I decided to go completely carnivorous, and included 72 hour fasts twice a month.....and it not only reversed my diabetes within two months, it totally healed my IBS!

Back to my old self

I can now take a dump properly, have nice looking poop and lead a life like a normal human without constantly looking for a clean toilet, most importantly I’m no longer bloated and no longer in pain. I also lost 6 kilos effortlessly and feel like I have energy to lift and cardio again. My friends have commented that I got back my “Color” and am back to my bubbly self.


High cholesterol?

The only downside I see to this diet is an increase in total cholesterol. I’ve always had very high cholesterol, but this way of eating increased my total cholesterol even higher – both HDL and LDL. I don’t buy into the cholesterol myth tbh.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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