Jenell is free from chronic pain, IBS symptoms, and panic disorders on a carnivore diet

Jenell’s Struggles with IBS and Pain

Jenell has struggled with intense pain from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and gas since she was twelve years old. Jenell says the pain was so bad she struggled to go grocery shopping or watch her kids. She thought plants were the answer to all her problems and started eating a vegan diet in her early thirties, but the pain only worsened. She even tried an all-juice diet but said the pain was like nothing she had ever experienced.


Jenell’s Search for Relief

Jenell sought medical advice from her doctors but was told she was doing all the right things by eating so many plants and fiber. Jenell was also in a car accident in 2007, where she suspects she had a concussion. Since then, she has experienced pain in her neck and head from the whiplash. Though going to the chiropractor helped Jenell with the pain, it was still a daily struggle.


Jenell’s Journey with the Carnivore Diet

Jenell also struggled with her weight after having her second child. She says she felt so bloated and puffy she still looked pregnant. She worked out every day for an hour and initially lost some weight, but it wasn’t sustainable, and she gained the weight back after she stopped working out so intensely. Jenell says, “I didn’t know why I couldn’t feel better.”


Jenell says she did test out the ketogenic diet, but her version of keto involved very little meat and only made her feel worse. Then in August 2020, she heard Joe Rogan speak on his podcast about his experience with the carnivore diet. Jenell was intrigued and started researching the diet and its many benefits. Later that year, on December 29th (the day after her 34th birthday), Jenell embarked on her carnivore journey.


Benefits and Challenges of the Carnivore Diet

Though Jenell did experience some loose stools in the beginning, she says because of her research, she was prepared. Jenell says almost instantly, her bloating disappeared, and her vision seemed to get clearer. Jenell also significantly improved her anxiety in just a few days and began to sleep more soundly. Jenell shares that her skin got worse before it got better, as she developed cystic acne early in her carnivore journey. However, over time her skin healed itself.


The most significant improvement has been in Jenell’s pain. She says within a month on the diet, all of her pain, from her IBS to her whiplash, went away. Jenell describes she has stopped needing to go to her chiropractor, and her life has dramatically improved now that she is no longer in daily pain.


Positive Impact on Jenell’s Family

Today Jenell eats a lot of beef, eggs, pork, and salmon. She says she enjoys some cheese and heavy cream in her coffee. Jenell also says she loves how easy the carnivore diet has made her life. She says, “I buy meat, cook it, and eat it.”


Jenell shares that her carnivore diet journey has also helped her husband and her children. Though Jenell is the only carnivore diet follower in her family, her husband and children now eat more meat because of her. She describes seeing improvements in her son, who has dyslexia, ADHD, and celiac disease. Jenell says he is more focused and in better moods since he has added more meat to his diet.


Jenell is thankful she discovered the carnivore way of eating and says, “I’m shocked I no longer have to be in pain.” She now knows her body needs meat to thrive, and Jenell looks forward to a pain-free life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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