Cindi experienced less pain and lost weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Cindi’s journey to health and the carnivore way of eating began in 2002 when Cindi was just forty years old and weighed over three hundred pounds. Cindi knew she needed to change her life, so she tried the Atkins diet (a diet that focuses on low-carbohydrate eating). Cindi had some success with the Atkins diet and even lost 120 pounds.


Cindi’s Weight Loss Journey: From Atkins to Carnivore Diet

Cindi says over the next fifteen years, her weight slowly crept up. She says she mostly stayed on track but would eat foods occasionally that she knew weren’t good for her health. In that time, Cindi regained between thirty and fifty pounds of the weight she had previously lost. Cindi says she developed arthritis and struggled to keep up with her ten grandchildren. She describes her grandchildren as young, and Cindi was disappointed in herself because she couldn’t get on the floor to play with them.


Exploring Different Diets with Her Husband

Cindi says her husband is a natural researcher, he was the person who found the Atkins diet, and so he had her try the paleo diet, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, and many others. In July 2018, Cindi’s husband saw a Joe Rogan interview with Jordan Peterson, a carnivore diet follower, and advocate, which then led him to find other advocates like Dr. Shawn Baker.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet through Joe Rogan’s Interview

Cindi and her husband decided to try the diet together for thirty days. Both Cindi and her husband didn’t have any transitional issues. Cindi describes she’s always been a big beef eater, so her body was used to the higher amounts of fat. Cindi lost weight in those thirty days, and her arthritis pain disappeared. Three years after challenging themselves to just thirty days of eating meat, Cindi and her husband still follow the carnivore diet.

Cindi’s Daily Routine on the Carnivore Diet

Cindi says she all-around feels better. She no longer suffers from bloating, her energy is consistent, and she can keep up with her grandkids. Cindi also says before the carnivore diet, she considered a good night’s rest any night that she could go back to sleep after waking up multiple times a night. Cindi says now that she is following the carnivore lifestyle, she doesn’t usually wake up at night, but if she does, she goes back to sleep almost immediately.


Cindi also describes having high blood pressure, particularly during the covid pandemic, which has corrected itself over time. Cindi says her doctor wanted to put her on statins after discovering her slightly elevated cholesterol, but she refused. She knows she is in the best health and doesn’t need unnecessary and sometimes dangerous medications.


Today Cindi and her husband typically eat two meals a day; she doesn’t usually eat breakfast other than some coffee with cream or butter. Cindi and her husband continue to eat a lot of beef, including steaks and hamburger patties. She describes recently going to a Mexican resort on vacation, where she found it very easy to stay on track. She says she and her husband enjoyed a buffet of every meat imaginable.


Cindi is grateful she and her husband have lived the carnivore lifestyle for the last three years. She describes what a joy it is to keep up with her grandkids and play on the floor with them– something she didn’t think was possible. Cindi is looking forward to many years of health and happiness as a carnivore diet follower.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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