Hank improved diabetes on a carnivore diet

Hi My name is Hank B. I’m 61 YO, 6’7”, 213 Lbs. I was athletic in my youth and young adulthood. I maintained some of it through my early 40’s, but then basically gave it up for about 20 years. Originally diagnosed as T2D in Feb-97.


Meds Not Working

Fast forward to Nov-17, a blood draw returned an A1C of 7.1 while on 5 diabetes meds, plus 2 cholesterol meds and 4 BP meds. My weight was 285 Lbs, Chest 46” and Waist 42”. The doctor was suggesting 6th diabetes med; it was really a wake-up call for me!!! I declined the 6th med and said let me work on it first. Started thinking about when I had done relatively well: it was when I had followed the Atkins diet several years earlier.


Taking The Diet Approach

In Jan-Feb 2018, I started cutting carbs out, went back to an Atkins-like diet. Then, in Mar-18, I learned about Keto and found Dr Ken Berry was only 100 mi from me. Working with him from Apr-18 through Dec-18, started Keto and 18/6 IF, got off both cholesterol meds, 2 of 4 BP meds and 4 of 5 diabetes meds. Finally got off my last diabetes med (metformin) in Jan-19 and began a migration to OMAD Carnivore (2-3 months at 90%, then 2-3 at about 95%). In Feb I also started weight training again at home with body weight and dumbbells, 6 days / week + walking 7 days / week.


All-In Carnivore

So by Jun-19, I was near 100% OMAD Carnivore (only occasional green veg); most common meal time ~2 pm, Buttered, salted coffee in the morning.

Aug-19, Avg BG readings under 100 for first time (fasting still highest). Bought a 125 Lb sandbags in late Aug, Started Carnivore Training System late Sep, added AirDyne in early Oct.

While keto was a good start, the Carnivore WOE has changed and extended my life!!!

Training Like A College Athlete Again

Now in early Oct-19, my weight is ranging from 210 – 215 Lbs, Chest 49” and Waist 35”. Better vascularity than any time since my college swim team years. (Body fat down to 12.6%.) Strength increasing steadily – it won’t be long until I have to buy a bigger sandbag!!! The CTS is a great workout regime – well rounded and INTENSE as you want to make it. The amped up workouts are driving me to eat 2-3x per day now; still maintaining weight and building muscle!!!


While keto was a good start, the Carnivore WOE has changed and extended my life!!!


Bottom line, #MEATHEALS!!!


Certainly for me!!!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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