Flexofighter improved Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Symptoms on carnivore diet

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“November 2017 marked the start of a serious decline in health for me through a series of unfortunate events. I experienced a severe adverse reaction to an antibiotic in the fluoroquinolone class. What makes this toxicity different from an allergy is that even when you stop using the medication, your symptoms don’t necessarily stop. This drug can cause serious, long-lasting, and even permanent side effects and damage, leading to disability and even death.”

“Fluoroquinolones have black box warnings by the FDA.” These warnings are the highest safety warnings prescription drugs can get from the FDA. ”Some people react immediately and from only one pill, and others need to take a higher dose or multiple courses of treatment before they react.”

Severe reactions to fluoroquinolones reported to the FDA include pain, tingling, burning, numbness, neuropathy, weakness, extreme fatigue, swelling or rupture in the tendons, symptoms lasting longer than one year, depression or anxiety, and heart palpitations.

“The reason for reactions to fluoroquinolones by some people is not completely known. It took me only four of these pills to be severely ill. I became a floxie but was determined not to be a floxie forever!” Floxie is the name that those who experience debilitating side effects give themselves.

“Among other things, I developed severe allergies to many foods, histamine intolerance, digestive issues, vision issues, hearing issues, brain fog, heart rhythm issues, my teeth became translucent, my cycle stopped, and I lost a ton of weight—15kg in a little more than a month.

“A doctor concluded that my mitochondria were not functioning as they should.” As a result, “I experienced severe oxidative stress and had problems with my thyroid, as well as many nutritional deficiencies.” Also, ”I had a lot of pain everywhere, and my joints were popping and cracking like an 80-year-olds.”

Digestive problems likely made it difficult for her body to absorb nutrients. The inability to absorb nutrients can contribute to weight loss. Eliminating processed foods made with grains and sugar allows the lining of the gut to heal. Once healed, vital nutrients from whole foods such as meat and eggs can be absorbed.

“I gradually and naturally progressed from a plant-based diet to a more meat and fat-based diet and felt better daily. WOW, WOW, WOW! The last ten months I have been “dirty” carnivore and the gains I have felt and seen during this time are just indescribable. I will forever be grateful that God brought this WOE over my life.

All the symptoms that I mentioned have gone away, and I have not even had a sniffle in the last two years. I have even started Ice skating and just started working out again yesterday. I can not wait to see what great things await!

“Thanks to Dr. Baker, Dr. Saladino, and all the other Carnivore docs!!! You guys rock!”

Floxies sometimes struggle to heal. “If you have been floxed and have tried everything else” and are still experiencing symptoms, “then the carnivore diet is something to consider! And I make sure that I source antibiotic-free meat to avoid complications.”

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4 thoughts on “Flexofighter improved Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Symptoms on carnivore diet”

  1. So excited to see this post. I have been carnivore for over a year and while the results have not been instantaneous, I have also been steadily if slowly healing from flouroquinolone toxicity and widespread pain on a beef only diet. I am in my 50s and have been floxed multiple times, but am now expecting a full eventual recovery.

  2. I am a floxie too. Would be great to get in touch with this person and learn more about her healing protocol. I was floxed fairly recently and would like to live a somewhat normal life again. Glad to hear she’s healed.

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