October 30, 2019

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Åndrew transforms himself through weight loss on a carnivore diet

At 51 years young, and after deciding it was time to shed some pounds, Åndrew says, “I started off with a keto diet 18 months ago, then moved into a carnivore.” At the time that he decided to lose weight, Åndrew knew he had let things go too far, saying, “At my highest weight, I was 124 kilos [273 pounds],

Aaron treats auto-immune issues and depression on carnivore diet

Since he was 16 years old, Aaron has suffered from multiple autoimmune diseases. He summarizes his life before Carnivore by saying,   Aaron’s Life Before Carnivore   “I’ve been incredibly sick since I was probably about 16 years old. For long, long times in my life, I’ve been basically bedridden.”   He felt like “I’ve reached the bottom of my

Woman improves stomach, oral, eye and skin issues on a carnivore diet

An Australian woman who goes by the moniker “Resource Dragon” (RD) shares her unique perspective and approach to the carnivore diet.   Resource Dragon’s Unique Approach To The Carnivore Diet   RD is in her sixties and has followed a 70% meat-based diet for the last seven months. “You might describe me as ‘carnivore light,’” she quips.   “I have

Diane treats ADD on a carnivore diet

Simple, Easy-to-Prepare Carnivore Meals   Diane has been following the carnivore diet for the past four months, and has already experienced drastic improvements to her physical and mental health.   Reduced Medication for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)   With a focus on simple, easy-to-prepare meals, Diane has been able to make the transition away from vegetables, fruits, and grains. One

Erik treats asthma, obesity, focus issues, and gout on a carnivore diet

Erik is 33 years old and has enjoyed various health benefits since starting the carnivore diet, including losing 50 pounds, finding focus at work, preventing gout flare-ups, and finally being able to retire his asthma inhaler.   From Weight Struggles to Improved Health with the Carnivore Diet Erik has struggled with his weight as long as he can remember, and

Josh heals from PTSD and depression on a carnivore diet

Serving in the Army and Struggling with PTSD   Josh bravely served his country in the United States Army, and has found hope and healing while following a carnivore diet for the past eight months.    After leaving the Army in 2012, Josh began to notice signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While PTSD may seem like an

Lori lost weight and gained strength on a carnivore diet

Hi, I’m Lori. I’m a 52 year old female. Mother of two grown sons, and busy with lots of homemaking and volunteer work. I don’t have a radical healing success story. But, it’s still big to me and my life. Stalling Weightloss On The Keto Diet   I had been overweight and miserable for 30 years. Over a year ago

Flexofighter improved Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Symptoms on carnivore diet

Black Box Warnings for Fluoroquinolones by FDA   “November 2017 marked the start of a serious decline in health for me through a series of unfortunate events. I experienced a severe adverse reaction to an antibiotic in the fluoroquinolone class.   What makes this toxicity different from an allergy is that even when you stop using the medication, your symptoms

Hank improved diabetes on a carnivore diet

Hi My name is Hank B. I’m 61 YO, 6’7”, 213 Lbs. I was athletic in my youth and young adulthood. I maintained some of it through my early 40’s, but then basically gave it up for about 20 years. Originally diagnosed as T2D in Feb-97.   Meds Not Working Fast forward to Nov-17, a blood draw returned an A1C

Ernest healed seborrheic keratosis on a carnivore diet

Ernest had been a fan of the Atkins diet since the 1980s, and had been eating low-carb “for many years.” When he retired in 2015 at age 66, Earnest thought he was “still in good shape.” During a trip to Seattle to visit his son, Ernest experienced fresh blackberry crepes and thought, “I’ll never do this again.” But he then

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