Woman improves stomach, oral, eye and skin issues on a carnivore diet

An Australian woman who goes by the moniker “Resource Dragon” (RD) shares her unique perspective and approach to the carnivore diet.


Resource Dragon’s Unique Approach To The Carnivore Diet


RD is in her sixties and has followed a 70% meat-based diet for the last seven months. “You might describe me as ‘carnivore light,’” she quips.


“I have increased the amount of meat and animal products in my diet. When I examined it objectively, I wasn’t really getting all the nutrients I needed. I began to decrease my carb intake to help keep my blood sugar stable.”


RD’s motivation for transitioning to a mostly meat-based diet was to avoid disease. “The speculation is that Alzheimer’s is really type 3 diabetes. If that is correct, other than simple processed foods like cheese, I’ve cut out all processed foods.”


Positive Changes RD Noticed After Transitioning To A Mostly Meat-Based Diet


Since transitioning to a mostly meat-based diet, RD has noticed some positive changes in her digestive health. “I’ve noticed since going over to a more carnivorous style of eating that I spend a lot less time in the bathroom, and I use a lot less toilet paper. I also have less gas, and fewer stomach rumbles.


I no longer have discomfort in my digestive tract.” After many years, she says those issues are “a thing of the past.”


RD’s Daily Habits And Internal Changes Since Starting On Her Carnivore Journey


Her daily habits also have shifted since starting on her carnivore journey. RD no longer feels the need to snack in between meals.


“I noticed that meals last longer,” she shares. “I have less desire to eat between meals. I also found that I don’t get as thirsty as I used to before, and I don’t drink nearly as much water.”


RD also noticed some internal changes, including the ability to build a stronger body. “You might think this is a bit silly, but I initially felt as if I were finally building my cells properly as opposed to throwing them together with poor quality materials and shoddy workmanship.”


Her mental health has remained steady, and she feels more equipped to handle life’s challenges. “I’ve had some additional stresses in my life, so I think it’s possible that my diet has provided some protection against them.” She has also shed feelings of guilt over not consuming enough vegetables.


RD’s Beliefs On Regenerative Ruminant Agriculture And Its Importance In The Carnivore Movement


Another surprising change was RD’s improved oral hygiene. Before the carnivore diet, RD would scrape deposits of “gunk” off her tongue, but that is no longer the case. She also shares a skin condition she inherited.


“About four years ago, I was diagnosed with blocked oil glands in my eyelids,” she explains. “While the diet hasn’t cured it completely, I now only experience it once or twice in the cooler weather.”


RD was astonished to find that her skin was more supple now. “I almost don’t believe it,” she says. “The skin on my arms was getting very wrinkly and baggy.


It’s still a long way from looking as good as it did in my youth, but the bagginess seems to have gone!”


Describing herself as a progressive, RD believes that regenerative ruminant agriculture is an important part of the carnivore movement.


“I think a lot of people would be interested in this type of agriculture and information regarding the environmental, economic, and social impact associated with a lot of fashionable vegan foods.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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