Diane treats ADD on a carnivore diet

Simple, Easy-to-Prepare Carnivore Meals


Diane has been following the carnivore diet for the past four months, and has already experienced drastic improvements to her physical and mental health.


Reduced Medication for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)


With a focus on simple, easy-to-prepare meals, Diane has been able to make the transition away from vegetables, fruits, and grains. One of her favorite carnivore meals to enjoy is burgers without the buns. She avoids milk because of its sugar content, but will occasionally enjoy some other dairy products. Occasionally, Diane will include some olives and berries with her meals, but it is a rare treat and doesn’t seem to impact her health in a negative way. Her favorite recipe in lieu of a sugary dessert is to whip up fresh cream with gelatin to create a carnivore-style pudding.


Positive Changes to Physical and Mental Health


Diane is pleased to be able to reduce her medication for attention deficit disorder (ADD). “I’m on one third of what I was taking before the carnivore diet,” she reports. “It’s been about four months now.” Diane had previously followed a ketogenic diet to help treat her terrible migraines. She suffered on and off for fifteen years, and eventually found that switching to a zero-carb meat-based diet would provide the relief she was looking for.


Simplifying Life on the Carnivore Diet


“Since I’ve discovered the carnivore diet, it’s simplified my life so much!” she shares in her testimonial video. “It has been so much easier to curb the cravings on a carnivore diet. For some reason, it has reduced my erratic and compulsive behaviors toward food.”


Small but Significant Changes to Overall Health


She describes this as the most dramatic change she has experienced. “I’ve not had cravings for food. This might sound like a thing, that I found a trick to stop the cravings, but I suffered from an eating disorder before. The problem with craving is how invasive and intrusive the thoughts can be. So if you find a way to get rid of them, it’s really nice!” Diane admits to still having a sweet tooth, but finds that her homemade whipped cream does the trick to keep sugar cravings in check.


Benefits for Busy Individuals


Diane has noticed other small but significant changes to her overall health. She noticed an improvement to her posture, and reports no longer feeling bloated or experiencing digestive discomfort. She also believes her hormones are more balanced now, which can have several positive results.


Reduced Medication for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)


“It’s been easier than I thought to quit coffee,” Diane reports. “I also find that I need less sleep systematically every night. I need maybe an hour less every night.” This is another common observation of those following the carnivore diet, and can be helpful for those who have a busy schedule and need sustained energy throughout the day.


Diane’s Candid Recommendation for the Carnivore Diet


Would Diane recommend the carnivore diet to everyone? Not necessarily, she shares candidly. “I wouldn’t recommend it to someone without health problems that they seek to overcome. It can be kind of difficult to live with other people commenting on your lifestyle.” However, if you are looking to overcome health problems, Diane does recommend giving it a try. “If you do suffer from certain problems or you’re struggling with cravings, this has been my solution,” she concludes.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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