Ernest healed seborrheic keratosis on a carnivore diet

Ernest had been a fan of the Atkins diet since the 1980s, and had been eating low-carb “for many years.” When he retired in 2015 at age 66, Earnest thought he was “still in good shape.”

During a trip to Seattle to visit his son, Ernest experienced fresh blackberry crepes and thought, “I’ll never do this again.” But he then had some homemade ice cream, too. “It would have been OK if I had stopped right there” but he also began indulging in German pastries from a bakery on his way to the beach every day.

After years of weighing 180 pounds, Ernest found himself at 230 pounds. “My feet were swelling really bad, hurting; I had to sell my Mustang convertible because I couldn’t get in and out of it.”

He was very tired, and realized “it’s like carrying two 25 pound bags of dog food all day, everyday-that’s gotta wear you out.”

A year later, while trying to hike at Big Bend National Park and being out of breath, Ernest realized, “This has just got to stop, you know. I’m gonna do something.”

Ernest had developed seborrheic keratosis and eczema on his face, hands, chest, and feet. Initially misdiagnosed as a fungal infection, he found the correct diagnosis himself online.

After finding Kelly Hogan and the carnivore diet, he says, “Later I discovered Shawn Baker, Charles Washington and others, and the ancestral angle won me. So I went full on carnivore for 5 months and the Seborrheic Keratosis that were popping up all over my face and chest disappeared.” That would be a start to Ernest’s healing from the diet.

More improvements happened: “Also, eczema on face and hands resolved. For some STUPID reason, I went back to keto, I think because it seemed like the weight loss was faster. The eczema returned, so in March 2019 I went back to carnivore full time, forever I hope. It has helped with everything except my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but it has only been 7 months this time, so will see…I have also lost 50 lbs, from 230 to 180.”

Ernest says, “My doctor doesn’t like my LDL numbers, but I have done a lot of research and given him printouts of studies contradicting his point and statins, which I refuse. I am 70 years old and we agree to disagree.”

He says, “My daughter is a 34 year vegetarian. We don’t argue. In fact, it works out. I can order a ribeye when we eat out and she gets my salad and sides! Emotional values (like feeling sorry for animals) cannot be won over with logic, so why bother?”

Ernest explains his belief in carnivore, saying, “I worked in the Alaskan Arctic for 30 years and had many Inupiaq Eskimos for friends. I know how they used to eat and survived in the harshest environment on earth for thousands of years. And I have more Neanderthal in me than about 95% of folks. We wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t have brains to enjoy this website if not for meat. Viva la carne!”


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3 thoughts on “Ernest healed seborrheic keratosis on a carnivore diet”

  1. Wonderful photo with your daughter, Ernest!

    I Googled keto and seborrheic keratosis when I realized those lesions on my torso are disappearing. Can’t find much – but I found you! I’m doing keto and they definitely are disappearing. Never was diabetic and my A1C has been low my entire life. But I did eat a good bit of bread, whole grains, and legumes. I see that keto didn’t work for you – this just points out how we are all different and need to find what works for us. I’m so glad you chose a path to better health. Thank you for writing about it!

    1. That’s funny, I was googling SK and keto and also this was all I could find! I have just started Keto and was hoping it might help my SK, really glad you’re finding it’s helping yours! Good luck with it.

  2. I am toying with going carnivore, I’ve been keto for a year and not noticed much difference in my SK (I have one over 1inch on my waist which catches on everything!), whilst my body & skin feel so much better on keto than higher carbs it still grows and gets irritated plus I’m at that annoying weight plateau thing, so I need to change it up, and IF isn’t really enough I feel…. I’m inspired to read your post – thank you 😊

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