Åndrew transforms himself through weight loss on a carnivore diet

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At 51 years young, and after deciding it was time to shed some pounds, Åndrew says, “I started off with a keto diet 18 months ago, then moved into a carnivore.”

Weight Loss Wins

At the time that he decided to lose weight, Åndrew knew he had let things go too far, saying, “At my highest weight, I was 124 kilos [273 pounds], that was a few years ago. When I started this journey, I was 114 kilos [250 pounds], when I started 18 months ago.”

His weight loss has been steady and effective, as he lost 85 pounds in 18 months. Åndrew says that after 18 months of his diet, “I am now sitting at 75 kilos [165 pounds] all due to eating a carnivore diet.”

Ketogenic Diet First

Åndrew began his weight loss adventure by choosing a ketogenic diet, though the way that he implemented the diet was closer to a carnivore diet. “Even when I was on the ketogenic diet, I never ate any vegetables, or very little.”

Finding Dr. Baker

The entry point to the carnivore world was when he found Dr. Shawn Baker, as Åndrew explains: “And then I seen you [Dr. Shawn Baker] on Joe Rogan, and a few other posts on carnivore, and it got me really interested.”

Full-Body Transformation, Without a Gym

Åndrew has seen his physique transform, without having to go to the gym to burn off the pounds. He credits the diet exclusively, for his weight loss: “My whole body’s changed and I don’t go to the gym. I don’t train and it’s all purely diet. I’ve lost all that weight and my muscle mass has been maintained. I’m quite happy with it. It looks real good!”

How Åndrew Eats Now

“So that’s what I’ve been doing, and just eating meat, fresh, purely carnivore. Drinking water; I do drink coffee and have heavy whipping cream in it, and that seems to work for me. And, I eat cheese as well, because I like cheese. It doesn’t seem to have any detrimental effect on my health, as of yet. I’m actually aiming to cut that out, to see if there’s any more improvement to my well-being.”

Blowing Åndrew’s Mind

What started out as a simple venture to lose some weight has turned into a transformative experience, which has truly amazed him. “It’s absolutely amazing how this thing works; it really has blown my mind, and it blows the mind of everyone I’ve met. People I’ve met just over a year ago walk past me in the street because the transformation’s been that extreme.”

Feeling Great at 51

While many people dread turning five decades old, and our society is full of jokes about being over fifty, following the carnivore diet changes the outcome: “My health has absolutely been better; I’ve never felt this better in my whole life, and I’m 51-it’s quite incredible. I’m really happy with all of that!”

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to keep their health…it’s fantastic, mate!”

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