Gina manages IBS, anemia, joint pain, migraines, anxiety, and mood on the carnivore diet

Meet Gina: A Lifetime of Physical Activity


I’m Gina. I’m a 52-year-old wife, mom, and dental hygienist. I had my two oldest when I was in my early 20s and became very physically active when they were little to stay in shape. I lifted weights and even worked at a gym as a trainer. In my 30s, I was involved in karate, and in my 40s and 50s, I was running.”


A Journey to Veganism and Back


In the 90s, the “fat makes you fat” idea was in full swing. You could eat all the Snack Well cookies you wanted; just stay away from butter. I followed that but eventually transitioned into more of a mainstream diet most of my life. I also figured I had wiggle room due to being active, so I never turned down chips, cookies, cake, etc.


In 2019 I was 49 and had been running for several years doing everything from 5ks all the way to ultramarathons. I was looking ahead to 2020, when I would be turning 50, and decided to celebrate by signing up for a 50-mile race. It was a good training year until the end of summer, early fall. I started to experience trouble running.”


I would get very winded and unable to continue. I’d go for a 6-mile run and quit in the first mile or two. My legs felt like they were stuck in wet cement. Severe fatigue, numbness, and tingling followed. MS was suspected, so I had MRIs, tests, and a spinal tap. All came back fine, and I had no diagnosis for the illness.


I quit running for six months but was desperate to feel better. I began to think about my diet. My best friend and running partner is vegan. Everywhere you turn, vegan is promoted as the healthiest diet. I decided to give it a try. I watched all the documentaries. I liked Game Changers because it was about athletes. I was whole food, plant-based for 18 months.”


Health Decline and a Revelation


As time went by, my health began to decline. But I had no idea it was diet related. I had gallbladder pain, and an ultrasound revealed a polyp. I had my gallbladder removed. I had IBS for about ten years.


It was mostly manageable but suddenly was becoming really bad. It was interfering with my work. It got so bad at one point I almost had to quit my job. My cycle became extremely heavy and painful. I had a hysterectomy. Then one night, I woke with my heart pounding, and I was panting. A trip to the ER revealed severe anemia.


They wanted to give me a transfusion, but I managed to hold them off and got four weekly iron infusions. My bones and joints began to ache really badly. I was Googling bone cancer. Brain fog and some cognitive issues began to arise. I was sure I was dying from something.


I quit veganism in early 2022, not because I thought the diet was the problem, but because I figured, what’s the point in eating well if I’m just going to feel like garbage anyway. I spent about six months alternating between a terrible diet and trying to get back to veganism, but I just was over it. I gained 20 pounds. I felt like my health was in freefall.


The Carnivore Diet: A New Beginning


Then I read a blog post by The Peasant’s Daughter called “Why I Am No Longer Vegan.” It was the first time the idea that the diet may have been behind my health troubles. Down the rabbit hole, I went, consuming everything I could, and eventually landed on the countless stories of carnivores.


I transitioned slowly because I wasn’t completely sure it was a good idea. I took things out of my diet, like vegetables, kept things like oatmeal, and increased meat. For two months, I worked toward Carnivore, which I think helped me transition because I never got the keto flu. Mid-December, I was pretty much full Carnivore.


The Benefits of Carnivore Diet: The Way Forward for Health and Wellness


I lost the 20 pounds I gained. My joint and bone pain disappeared. My migraines were about 90% gone. The brain fog is gone. Energy soared. But the biggest, most wonderful thing has been that my IBS is gone. To live life like a normal person and not have a brain completely consumed with going to the bathroom or holding in gas. Just a feeling of nothing going on in my gut. It is unreal.


I want to learn and devour everything I can about this way of life. I no longer think about food all day. I know that this way of eating could stave off Alzheimer’s, which I am at great risk of developing.


I’m lifting again and feel better, stronger, and more energetic than I have in years. I’m even beginning to talk with my dental patients about this diet. Every day I see patients trapped in bad metabolic health. My hope is more people can heal like I did.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Gina manages IBS, anemia, joint pain, migraines, anxiety, and mood on the carnivore diet”

  1. I’m glad Gina is feeling better! She should also look up possible Thiamine deficiency; even though carnivore is a thiamine-sparing diet I believe high-dose thiamine therapy is beneficial for some people, especially for those with gut problems and other problems related to dysautonomia. Elliott Overton has a great YouTube channel that explains thiamine deficiency – I recently started TTFD and I notice that my performance in the gym has improved. I am working on getting rid of SIBO.

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