Elisabeth improved dental health, digestion, fitness, mood on carnivore diet

Elisabeth is from Denmark. Prior to adopting a carnivore diet, she had struggled with depression since she was a young child and had survived several suicide attempts.


A Life of Inflammation


Elisabeth’s entire life was spent in a constant state of inflammation, which also caused her to have stomach and asthma problems. She had very challenging issues with dental health, saying that her gums would always bleed when she would brush her teeth.


Her dentists did not offer help with her gum and dental health. She “couldn’t drink water with ice because it would hurt so much. I couldn’t eat anything cold.”


Finding Zero Carb


Finally, several years ago, Elisabeth found out about the health benefits of zero carbohydrate diets. She says, “I started ZC on 15 March 2015.


I was on a strict Ketogenic Diet before, which did help with my osteoarthritis. A fat-fast made me pain-free. Adding veggies back made my pain come back. I did research about if I could survive without veggies and found the group, Zeroing in on Health.”


Freedom from Medications


Elisabeth was accustomed to needing medication to get through her days and found herself freed from this with her new diet. She explains, “I came from strong painkillers and severe pain to live without medication and pain-free, most of the time.” Many painkillers are also addictive, and there is evidence that they serve as a gateway drug for street drug use.


A Happier Way of Life


The new way of eating Elisabeth had also helped her asthma. She says, “I have had asthma all my life. It is gone. My seasonal allergies are reduced, and I don’t need any medication on ZC. My tinnitus is gone. My gut troubles are gone. My dental health has improved. Hormonal improvement. Now I can drink all the ice water I want.”


She can now grow muscle more easily and finds her skin is healing. “My skin is more healthy than ever. I have a bigger overarm now than when I was training intensely, with no training.”


Through a carnivore, zero-carb diet, Elisabeth has discovered a happier way of life: “Best of all, I was fighting a depression which wouldn’t leave. I have had depression since childhood, very often. I haven’t had any on zc, not even now, when my Company was bankrupt. I do have a mental clarity on ZC that I had never dreamed of. I am really more me, and I dare to live in the moment.”


Skepticism from Medical Professionals


Elisabeth’s doctor attributes all of her progress on a carnivore diet to coincidence. Elisabeth reports, “My libido is better than ever, and I feel younger than I have felt in many years. I am 50 years old.”


A Nutritional Fountain of Youth


Having now found her nutritional fountain of youth, Elisabeth isn’t about to return to her old diet and medications. She says, “I love meat, and I love what it does for my body. I was a carboholic, and now I have no cravings at all. ZC made my life so much better.


Yours sincerely,



from Denmark


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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