Wyatt received many physical and mental health improvements on a carnivore lifestyle

Wyatt’s Journey to Better Health through the Carnivore Diet


Wyatt says before he found the carnivore way of eating, he ate “whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.” He goes on to say he didn’t put a lot of thought into what he was eating and never thought his diet had anything to do with his mental health.


Over the years, Wyatt continued to gain weight, topping at just over three hundred pounds before deciding to change his health for the better.


Wyatt’s Experience with the Carnivore Diet: From Transition to Success


Before finding the carnivore lifestyle, Wyatt says he was wearing 2XL size shirts and 48-inch waist pants. Wyatt learned about the carnivore way of eating from his then-new girlfriend.


She had been a carnivore diet follower for a while and told him she thought it would be something good for him to at least try. Wyatt says, “I didn’t need much convincing.” He knew his poor eating habits were causing him to gain weight, and he needed to take his health more seriously. And so, in September 2020, Wyatt joined his girlfriend in a quest for better health.


Wyatt says at the beginning of his carnivore diet journey, he ate everything that was meat or cheese. Wyatt had some transitional issues initially, particularly with his bowels, but the problem resolved itself over time. He says he probably ate more dairy back then, but it didn’t affect his progress.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Wyatt’s Physical and Mental Health


Wyatt didn’t track his weight loss in the beginning. It wasn’t until that Christmas that his girlfriend told him he looked like he had lost a lot of weight.


Wyatt’s girlfriend told him he should try one of her tank tops, which was a size medium. Wyatt says, “I thought there was no way one of her shirts would fit me.” However, when he tried it on, it fit!


At that point, Wyatt finally got on a scale and discovered he was down to weighing 235 pounds, over seventy pounds lighter than when he started just a few months before. Since then, Wyatt has lost an additional fifty pounds.


He got to 185 pounds before putting on around ten pounds of muscle, now weighing 195 pounds. Wyatt also says he now wears a very baggy 36-inch waist size in pants and medium or sometimes small size in shirts, depending on the fit.


Additionally, Wyatt says he has noticed that even though he doesn’t exercise much, just some pull-ups every other day, he is building and retaining a lot of muscle on the carnivore diet. Wyatt also speaks of the mental clarity he has gained from starting this way of eating.


He says there are still some relationships he struggles with, but he can tell that the carnivore diet is helping his moods and giving him a sense of calm.


Wyatt’s Carnivore Diet: What He Eats and How It Helps Him Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Today Wyatt says he still eats a variety of meats and dairy. He loves ribeyes but says they are a bit more of a treat since they are usually expensive.


Still, Wyatt eats a lot of red meat and some white meat, including chicken thighs. Wyatt says he has never been much of a coffee drinker but enjoys many dairy products. He has also eliminated his need for constant snacking since becoming a carnivore diet follower.


Wyatt is grateful to his girlfriend for introducing him to the carnivore diet and cheering him on. Wyatt knows he is in much better health than before, and he has the carnivore way of eating to thank for all his success.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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