Daniel improves psoriasis, stronger, and cognitive function on a carnivore diet

From Vegan to Carnivore: Daniel’s Journey


Daniel lives in the United Kingdom, and his journey to the carnivore way of eating started two and half years ago when he started running ten kilometers to work every day. Daniel is an avid runner who has spent the last couple of years running practically around the world, which has also had him experimenting with changing his diet to meet the needs of incredibly high endurance workouts.


Early Diet Experimentations


Daniel says relatively early on in his running journey, he began following the ketogenic diet. Daniel says that he saw some improvements in his running when he went to a low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Daniel says he doesn’t know how he came to the vegan diet from the keto diet, but somewhere along the way, he began thinking meat might be bad for his health. Around this time, Daniel quit his job and decided to run across the width of Europe.


Plant-Based While Running Across Europe


While running across Europe, Daniel says his diet consisted of many plants, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds. Daniel describes feeling relatively good on the vegan diet and having no significant issues. He has some psoriasis on his scalp and wasn’t building much muscle, even though he ran many hours daily.


Discovering the Benefits of Meat


While on his trek across Europe, Daniel listened to many podcasts with Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Paul Saladino. He started learning about the many benefits of eating meat. Daniel says he was in the middle of his trek one day somewhere in Austria. He was resting at a bed and breakfast and decided to eat eggs for his breakfast for the first time in a long time. Daniel says he felt different that day as he ran, almost as if the eggs gave him more power.


Meat-Based Diet Improves Endurance and Recovery


Daniel finished his run across Europe and returned to the United Kingdom in January 2020. He says it was during this time he started eating a lot more meat while simultaneously training and running ultra-marathons. Daniel describes his running improved following a meat-based diet as well as his endurance and recovery. He also felt like he could build more muscle, something he had struggled with in the past, and his psoriasis has been healing by adding meat to his diet.


Daniel’s Current Meat-Based Diet and Superfoods


Today, Daniel eats a lot of minced meat, including ground beef. He says he isn’t a big fan of grilled meat like steaks, so the ground beef works well for him. He has also continued to eat eggs and describes them as his “superfood.” Daniel has experimented with adding fruit and foods high in steric acids, such as cocoa butter, through his meat-based diet journey. He has found steric acid helps his running performance. Daniel also eats a lot of dairy and drinks four pints of raw milk per week. Daniel says he has found the milk helps him sleep better.


Active Member of MeatRx Community


Daniel is an active member of MeatRx, where he attends many meetings. He enjoys the MeatRx community and sees the value it adds to his life. Daniel advises anyone looking to start the carnivore diet to “trust your cravings.” He talks about how different cravings could be your body’s way of telling you it needs certain minerals. Daniel says he is still learning to trust his cravings and is working on tweaking what is best for his highly active lifestyle.

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