Isabel gained control of her weight, cleared her acne, healed depression on a carnivore lifestyle

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Isabel’s diet was very poor before she discovered the carnivore way of eating. Isabel describes stopping at Starbucks daily on her commute to work to start her day with a grande white chocolate mocha– a drink full of sugar. She justified her extra-sugary coffee by ordering a “healthy” low-fat turkey sandwich. Isabel says, “I didn’t know much about carbs and fat.” Isabel also describes eating fast food often and cooking a lot of pasta and Mexican food at home.

Isabel’s unhealthy eating habits caused her to gain a lot of weight. Isabel is just under five foot tall, and at her heaviest, she weighed 235 pounds– making her obese. Isabel also describes suffering from intense acne, not just on her face but also on her back, chest, and shoulders. Isabel also says her body was always borderline anemic, and she struggled with depression.

Isabel decided to try the ketogenic diet. Isabel said she experienced some harmful side effects from following the keto diet– she struggled with the “keto flu,” and her hair started to fall out. Isabel says in all of her research and reaching out to the keto community, she was told to “trust the process.”

Isabel did have some success with the keto diet. After a year on the diet, she lost sixty pounds and reached 175 pounds. Isabel also says her skin started to improve on the keto diet as well as her depression. However, her weight stalled, and she started cheating on her diet around the holidays, which made her regain some of the lost weight.

After about a month of struggling with a stalled weight and cheating during the holidays, Isabel decided to try the carnivore diet. She started following carnivore advocates like Dr. Shawn Baker online and learned a lot about the diet’s benefits. Through the carnivore way of eating, Isabel was able to break her plateau and completely heal her skin. Isabel says her depression improved because she felt so good and had so much energy, and all the hair she lost while following the keto diet regrew.

At the beginning of her carnivore journey, Isabel says she ate three meals a day that consisted of meat and water only. She says she ate a lot of eggs and bacon, chicken thighs, salmon, and steak. Isabel experimented with the “if it fits your macros” way of eating after having success with the carnivore diet. However, she immediately put on weight, and her skin got oily. Isabel says she knew after that experience she would forever follow the carnivore lifestyle.

Today, Isabel says she now listens to her body and naturally gave up eating breakfast. She eats a lot of beef, which helps her feel at her best as well as some fish. Isabel says she doesn’t eat a lot of dairy other than she cooks with some butter, and she has found she doesn’t need coffee though she does drink it from time to time.

Isabel is grateful she has found what works for her. She knows she will never go back to experimenting with her diet again. She says, “I know what works for me, and I’m going to continue doing it.”

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