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Marina heals from pms on a carnivore diet

Marina’s Struggle With PMS Symptoms   Marina is a Pilates instructor from Russia who credits the Carnivore Diet for healing her PMS symptoms, rosacea, and fatigue. She grew up eating a lot of meat and animal fats but eventually caved into the pressure to add whole grains and olive oil.   The trouble started after she gave birth to her

Paola improves joint pain, connective tissue disorder on carnivore diet

Paola is in her forties and has been following the Carnivore Diet for a year and a half. She has noticed a dramatic improvement in a short amount of time. Three days after going “full carnivore,” her chronic joint pain completely disappeared. A few weeks later, her previously injured wrist and ankle finally healed after a year of no improvement.

Scott treats his son’s type I diabetes and hyperglycemia on a carnivore diet

Scott and his wife turned to the Carnivore Diet to help control their son’s Type 1 diabetes. After his blood sugar level was measured in the 300s and 400s, they decided the medical team’s advice to simply “count carbs and cover it with rapid-acting insulin” wasn’t a good solution.   A High Protein Diet for Controlling Blood Sugar “You never

Mark treats congestion, digestion, skin issues, arthritis on a carnivore diet

Mark’s Journey With The Carnivore Diet   Mark turned to the Carnivore Diet after finding out he would need a hip replacement. This was a surprise to him, as the 54-year-old had been eating a whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and who had been active his whole life.   In an effort to treat his arthritis and

Joanna’s Crohn’s have alleviated on carnivore diet

Hello Dr Baker! My name is Joanna. Thank you for your previous service to our country and continued work with carnivore!!   Incredible Healing   I’ve been carnivore for almost two months and already I’m shocked at how my body composition has changed. Crohns and Lupus symptoms are completely alleviated, completely! Carnivore is incredible and I promise it works for

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