Alex improved his pain on a carnivore diet

My journey from chronic pain to being completely pain free:

I wanted to share a bit of my story with you and how the advice through your appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience changed my life over 2 years ago.

I’ll start at the beginning. I was about 16 and a half when I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Hepatitis C, Lupus, and (thankfully) a misdiagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The strangest one among those is Lupus, because it disproportionately targets women. So I was a “special” case.

My lupus was relatively manageable for the most part while I was growing up, but more times than I’d like to remember, I would get inflammation in my joints that were so bad that I couldn’t move various parts of my body. I had been experiencing these pains from the age of around 12 or so, and the pains had affected my grades in school, among other things.

When I turned 25 years old, I began to feel the effects of Lupus and Hep C on my body quite a bit more. But I was in luck, because I was told that there was a cure for the Hep C by this point, which I can finally use.

And thankfully, about a month or so, I was cured of the Hep C. Which was a great moral booster because the fatigue that I was experiencing and had gotten so used to that I didn’t even remember what it was like to feel the way I did when the Hep C was cured. I spent much of my life with chronic pains. 

The Lupus pain got so bad that I began having bouts of depression, which later became worse when the flair ups got so bad that I couldn’t walk for 6+ months. My ankle felt like it was dislocated, and I knew I didn’t hurt it at all. During this time, I had nothing better to do, so I basically spent the vast majority of my time online. Mainly learning, trying to find information that could possibly help me.

But for the most part, I was told by my doctors that there was no cure for what I had, so I was out of luck. Soon thereafter, I actually got a proscription for Cannabis, which helped quite a bit with the inflammation. I was much happier, and was able to get on my computer to continue my search regardless of what my doctors said. I watched the Joe Rogan Experience for a while now, so I got to catch up. 

One JRE guest I was fascinated with was Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She was full of really useful information all the time, which pushed me on the road trying to finding a way to put my Lupus into remission and hopefully keep it there. But he never had any people like you on who were knowledgeable about diets / way of life. Plus you’re a doctor / athlete.

So I knew the advice you were giving was legitimate. Up until this point, I had never heard of you, didn’t know you were even going to be on, but I always give the guests that Mr. Rogan has on his show, and I became amazed at the wealth of knowledge that you started sharing. I watched and was listening to everything you were saying, especially about the autoimmune diseases. 

Soon thereafter, I tried out the carnivore diet, and within 2-3 weeks I felt a pretty significant difference in the amount of pain I was experiencing daily. Keeping in mind that I had been on plaquenil for Lupus at that point, and it helped quite a bit! So even the slightest pain reduction beyond the pills was amazing, because I thought that was as good as it was going to get.

After about a month and a half, I felt literally zero pain in my joints. After that I knew my body was using fat for energy rather than the horror show I’d been feeding myself before. My diet before I started Keto/Carnivore was TRASH! I was stuffing my face with sugar and carbs nonstop, and never in my life would I have made the connection that I was responsible for my own pain. I actually even tried to go Vegan at one point which lasted 7 years. And about 3 more years of being a Vegetarian. 

So I knew I had the discipline to do the carnivore diet easily. I first tried to a pure Keto. And after that I’ve been eating carnivore for a while now, and I feel amazing. I’ve lost the weight that my liver doctor asked me to lose to aid in my recovery. I was able to do that, and I am still keeping the weight off two plus years later. And I feel pretty much zero joint pain, unless I do something to cause a flair up, like exposing myself to sunlight for too long or eat the wrong thing.

I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you for doing what you do and spreading the word about the carnivore diet. Never the less, thank you from the bottom of my pain free heart for what you do. I’ve got nothing but love and respect for you man.

May you be happy, healthy and pain free.

Alex L.

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4 thoughts on “Alex improved his pain on a carnivore diet”

  1. I have similar sensation, hot feeling, Like burning inside after eating carbs. Really hard to fall asleep if eaten carbs before bed, the only thing helping is cold shower

  2. I have similar sensation, hot feeling, Like burning inside after eating carbs. Really hard to fall asleep if eaten carbs before bed, the only thing helping is cold shower

  3. Are you still following a CV diet
    I have an official diagnosis of Lupus but the first Rheumatologist said my blood clotting factor was high
    I assume it was APS
    Your testimony is the only one I can find

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