Travis experienced Zerocarb Zen and diminished cravings on a carnivore diet

Questioning The Modern Diet: A Return To The Ancestral Way Of Eating


When Travis was 23 years old, he was living in New York City. With a good health history, his post-college weight was 175 pounds, which he considered a little overweight. Travis decided to go on a ketogenic diet in the summer of 2012 and was “on and off” a ketogenic diet after that. His target weight was 155 pounds.


Discovering The Dangers Of Sugar Consumption


In 2016, Travis’ mother suggested that he read the book “ The Case Against Sugar” by Gary Taubes. This book shows how sugar is at the root of many endemic health issues and helped launch Travis’ pursuit of low-carb nutritional truths. Sugar consumption is so high in America that it is essentially driving a health epidemic, as Travis learned.


From Keto To Carnivore: Travis’ Dietary Evolution


Travis devoted time to working on a ketogenic subReddit group, where he became a moderator on the R Keto Science subreddit. In August of 2017, someone posted a Shawn Baker video that caught his attention. He joined several Facebook carnivore diet discussion groups and read content on even more of them.


Around August 2017, someone posted a Shawn Baker video. He was the first one to see it as a moderator. Travis says, “I was like, who’s this guy? I need to check out this video! In another group, he was talking about doing a scientific study on Carnivore, not eating fiber, no vegetables.


I was like, what? This sounds crazy, but it’s still keto, so I need to look into it!”


Travis’ Journey To The Carnivore Diet


Travis now eats mostly beef and lamb, sometimes adding eggs if he needs some extra calories in a meal. He also eats fish sometimes and occasionally enjoys cream. Travis does drink black coffee every day and also enjoys seltzer drinks for some low-carb alcohol.


The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting On The Carnivore Diet


Intermittent fasting helps Travis boost his health and control his weight. “Lately, I’ve been doing one meal a day. I am right now at the lowest weight I’ve ever recorded myself being since being an adult.


This morning I was 146 pounds. My fiance is doing alternate-day fasting and Carnivore as well, and she’s finally losing some stubborn weight that’s been bothering her for a while, so we really feel like this alternate-day fasting that she’s been incorporating recently has been helpful.”


Travis enjoys eating only once a day or less on the carnivore diet, with no cravings or other problems.


Why Travis Believes In The Carnivore Diet’s Simplicity And Efficacy


Travis enjoys the simplicity of this way of eating, with fewer ingredients and no counting carbs. He also believes this is the correct diet for human beings and that the modern diet is perhaps wrongly assumed to be healthy. 


“If humans can survive really well on carnivore diets now, why couldn’t they have done that 300k to 50k years ago? Let’s eat the kind of diet we were doing then before we invented all of this modern agriculture that we now mostly assume is good for us.”


“There’s very little critical thinking that goes into this. Things like soybeans haven’t met GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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