Tatiana Z healed her gut and dropped the hormone replacement medicine on a carnivore diet

Health Struggles: Antibiotics, Hashimoto’s Disease, And SIBO


Meet Tatiana. She is a Meat RX coach and lives in Thailand. She believes that her health problems began at birth. She was born with a blood infection and had strong antibiotics on the first day of life. As a child, she couldn’t participate in sports and was not as active as other kids.


When Tatiana was 28 years old, she got a skin infection that lasted a year. Her immune system, she explains, “wasn’t coping with simple infections.”


After the skin infection cleared up, Tatiana learned she had Hashimoto’s disease. She was put on medication. She only had the energy to work and rest at night. “That was my lifestyle,” explains Tatiana.


From Vegetarianism To Meat RX: Tatiana’s Journey


About six years ago, she became a vegetarian. After a few years as a vegetarian, Tatiana got worse. Her energy continued to plummet, and she developed deficiencies in amino acids.


When Tatiana moved to Thailand, she did better for about a year. She attributes this to a less stressful lifestyle and more sun. But after a year, her fatigue worsened. She realized that she couldn’t hike as her friends did and started thinking maybe it wasn’t her lifestyle after all, but her diet.


Reintroducing Meat Into The Diet: Benefits And Challenges


As a vegetarian, she says that she compromised her gut health and got a new condition—SIBO—small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. She couldn’t eat anything but eggs and butter. No matter what fruits or veggies she ate, within a short time, she was in “so much pain.”


Despite developing brain fog as a vegetarian and her thyroid condition worsening, she didn’t want to accept that she may be wrong about her diet.


Tatiana explains that it was difficult to change her mindset about her diet because her identity was wrapped up in vegetarianism.


Two years ago, after nearly five years as a vegetarian, Tatiana learned about a ketogenic diet and started to research ancestral diets. Because she could only eat eggs and butter, she realized that she was eating the wrong foods.


Ancestral Diets And The Ketogenic Diet: Tatiana’s Research


On June 17, 2019, Tatiana got a piece of liver and started eating small pieces of it because it would be easier to digest than a steak. After starting to eat meat, Tatiana immediately felt more energetic and better physically, and the brain fog lifted.


Within two weeks, her overall mood improved. People commented that she looked healthier and was much livelier.


Tatiana explains, “I had to learn to reintroduce meat into my diet.” It took a few months to be able to digest animal fat and protein. She found eating “almost raw” meat was easiest for her body to digest.


“Steak is my favorite to start the day,” says Tatiana. She eats another meal of eggs and bacon or a different kind of meat and liver a few times a week. She says, “Beef and lamb are my favorites.”


Results Of Eating Meat: Increased Energy, Improved Mood, And Better Physical Health


Tatiana believes if you give your body what it needs, poor health conditions will resolve.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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