Sarah eliminated severe anxiety from a vegetarian diet by going on the carnivore diet

Sarah’s Struggle With Anxiety And Attempts To Find Relief


Sarah developed constant anxiety after her second daughter was born and became “anxious about everything.” Her yoga practice led her to think, “Maybe I need to stop eating meat because that’s what I hear a lot of people were doing, and stuff against meat, and I started going to vegetarian festivals and stuff like that, and so I started eliminating meat from my diet.”


Turning To Vegetarianism And Reiki, Only To Find Things Worse


But, this only made things worse: “My anxiety continued, and it never stopped. At some point, I was put on Zoloft, and I hated being on medication.” Trying Reiki didn’t help, but instead, “My anxiety got 10x worse. I started seeing snakes that weren’t there. I was terrified. I was sitting in my car, and I felt like there were snakes coming out of the vents.


I would feel like it was all over my skin, especially down on the lower part. I got to where I was scared to go in my garage because I was gonna step on a snake.” “Nobody understood me. I couldn’t even tell my husband…I thought they were going to put me in a crazy asylum.”


Discovery Of The Carnivore Diet And Its Impact On Sarah’s Anxiety


Sarah had a girlfriend who was very private about her diet and always said she “ate weird.” She decided she had to know her friend’s diet and asked, “What do you eat? You have to tell me. I’m so curious. And she goes, ‘Sarah, I only eat meat. It’s so weird.


People judge me, I know, it’s probably wrong, people are like save the animals, because I’m one of the biggest animal lovers out there, but I only eat meat, it’s what makes me feel my best.” Sarah decided to go Carnivore.


She transitioned into Carnivore by only eating animal products: “heavy cream, cheese, butter, ground beef, chicken, eggs…then I started having steaks, probably a couple a week…My anxiety lowered within days.”


Eliminating Caffeine And Finding A Calmer, Healthier Self


Sarah gradually eliminated ingredients, including most of her cream, because she found that it drove her hunger too much. Her diet now is “basically ribeyes,” and she has found some ingredients, like barbeque sauce on chicken wings, that hurt her stomach.


She adds eggs occasionally, with leftover ribeyes, for example. Sarah also decided to stop caffeine because she realized her body was on “high alert” and was using the coffee to get “amped up.” Eliminating caffeine helped her get her body to relax and promote healing more calmly.


The Surprising Results Of The Carnivore Diet For Sarah’s Health And Body Size


Sarah says she didn’t lose any weight, but “I’m in size four, where I was in maybe a size 8 or 10. She attributes this to the Carnivore diet, as well as eliminating caffeine. She still sometimes feels a “history of the anxiety,” for example when opening the garage door.


Sarah does find that she can stop these feelings easily and not move into anxiety. “Who would have thought? I ate every vegetable under the sun to keep disease away and to keep all inflammation away, and all it did was exacerbate this issue.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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