Tom lost weight and improved his anxiety on a carnivore diet

From Chronic Illness To Experimentation With Diets


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of something so great it WILL change the world!


I’m a rambler, but I’ll try to keep this brief. Sorry, I failed…haha.


My success story started when I was 16 or 17. As a kid, I had chronic bronchitis, and this one particular year, my Dr. prescribed me two drugs (erythromycin and Seldane) which made me deathly ill. Seldane has since been removed from circulation.


A year later, thank God I recovered, I found out on the local news broadcast that these two specific drugs…if taken together, could be fatal. At that point, even as a kid, I knew I had to take my health into my own hands, and I began to learn and experiment.


Taking a more naturopathic approach, I’ve tried, succeeded, and failed on every diet created. Some were tried for weight loss, and most were tried out of sheer boredom. I also started to learn more about fasting about 20 or so years ago. Around that time is when I went vegan.


I was a “vegetarian” with my partner then, but we ate eggs and fish. If we’re not going to eat meat, we should be vegans and avoid ALL animal products, though I justified that fish do not have nervous systems, so they can’t feel the pain of death. Haha yeah, I was that dude.


Anyway, I felt pretty good from what I can remember, but ever since that time frame, I had serious bloating, cramping, and general daily discomfort in my stomach.


I ate all the fiber “they” tell you to eat and that psyllium husk plastic trash “they” recommend, and nothing worked. It just seemed to continue day in and day out. Don’t even get me started about the frequency of my bathroom visits…WOW.


The Quick Weight Loss Diet And Yo-Yo Dieting


Anyway, having tried Adkins back when it first came out, which I enjoyed but still believed a “balanced” diet was right, I still explored. I eventually ballooned to over 304 lbs, having told a buddy of mine… “I’ll get 300 lbs, you watch” Haha, like it was some kind of an accomplishment.


Well, I did, and it wasn’t. I joined a program called The Quick Weight Loss Diet, which promotes 5-7 meals daily, a “balanced” metabolism-boosting structure that worked. Coupled with lots of good outdoor exercise, I was able to drop down to 193 lbs.


I hate to use this as an excuse, but when I lost my mother in 2015, I stopped caring, went back to eating pizza and garbage like that, and blew back up to 287 lbs. Que 2019 late January, my love mentioned going on the “Keto diet.”


I never heard of it, but she said it’s a low carb high-fat diet. I joked with her, stating that I don’t like the Adkins diet. I guess they call it Keto these days and didn’t take it seriously until I started to do my research.


Discovery Of The Keto And Carnivore Diets


She was pretty stoked, so that made me more interested. Well, the long story, well longer… we went all in on Keto. Got cookbooks, made fat bombs, and did the whole thing, and within the first few months, she and I had lost over 60 lbs between the 2 of us.


I was back in the 240s and feeling optimistic; however, the stomach issues remained. I was also starting to feel higher anxiety and stress levels for some odd reason. I couldn’t figure out why my normal fun-loving, energetic disposition had disappeared. I tried meditation and even tried CBD products, and nothing was helping.


I started watching Dr. Baker’s videos and others that promoted a “carnivore diet,” the Peterson’s with their great successes (more mental based), so I became even more and more interested, and as I learned more, it made so much sense to me.


When something makes sense and clicks in my brain, I run with it. Now in my 7th-month carnivore, I’m down over 77 lbs, I’ve dropped ten pant sizes (44 now, just about 34), and I’ve completely eliminated the stomach issues I’ve dealt with daily for over 20 yrs (that happened in month #1 actually) and my anxiety and stress are all but gone.


My energy levels are those I remember back when I used to play hockey (I was a goaltender… yes, I was VERY good… haha) in my 20s, and the strength, both physical and maybe more importantly, mental, has been greatly increasing daily.


This has been such an amazing experience I spend my off days chatting (well, rambling, really… you can imagine…;-)) in the carnivore and fasting groups, in hopes of helping just one person change their perspective and have an idea or thought, I share, connect with them and make sense. Some say I have, and that’s outstanding.


All I can do is share, and people will do what they do. I’m super excited to be starting my MeatRx coaching program and becoming a coach. This is such an awesome opportunity to share the Proper Human Diet with the world, and I’m very thankful to be a part of it. Thank you for reading my story, and cheers to good health!

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