April improved her eating disorder on a carnivore diet

For years I struggled with binge eating after a bikini comp. Looking back, I realize I entered the bikini comp during an intense manic phase due to my bipolar disorder.


Before the bikini comp, I had no issues with binging, even when undiagnosed with bipolar disorder. The competition served as a trigger, and from that point on (almost ten years ago), I would start a cycle of binging and restricting.


The Trigger That Started The Cycle Of Binging And Restricting


During my binges, I used the excuse of bulking, and the weight I got to was 138. As soon as I saw that weight, I would restrict back to 122. Rinse and repeat. Even at 138, I never looked very heavy to others.


Did not feel good or sexy at that weight just looked “normal.” And I never wanted to be the “best friend of the sexy girl.” I wanted to be the “sexy one.” Lol. But food addiction prevented that.


From Overexercising And Restricting To Keto And Carnivore


What did I eat during my food addiction? – I was eating 4 to 5 containers of frosting a night, two dozen donuts for breakfast, etc.; ppl thought it was funny bc I was tiny and could eat all of that, except it was not funny.


No one would laugh at a heroin addict. Why did I stay tiny? Because I would overexercise for hours the next day by running for hours, biking from one end of Chicago to the other, or eating until I vomited. Eventually, my manic phase would end, and I would enter a depressive state and gain weight until I hit 138 lbs. I’d see the number. Rinse and repeat for over a decade.


And then 2017. The year that changed my life. Back when I thought my life was over. The man I loved left me. I attempted suicide and was sent to a psych hospital.


I was given a psych med (one of the most notorious weight gainers on the market with a BLACK BOX warning which stated that users might develop metabolic syndrome.) I was sure I wouldn’t. I was an athlete, after all. But I was no snowflake. This med made me go from 122 to 155 in less than three months.


Overexercising no longer worked. Restricting didn’t work. I even stopped binging to become healthier and decided to eat healthy whole grains and more veggies and fruits.


Nothing worked. I was no longer suicidal but depressed about my weight. I binged again. Now my binges showed. My fasting glucose rose, and now my weight has risen to 165. I had never been that weight. Not even when I was pregnant. I stopped weighing. Enter Keto.


Conquering Binge Eating With The Carnivore Diet


I lost weight in rapid succession by cutting out grains and sugars. I reached my “goal,” or what I thought was my goal. I went from 165 to 112 ….but I still struggled with binging, even on keto.


In Jan/ Feb, I binged on keto sweets and fat bombs, which led me to binge on the real deal. Two boxes of cupcakes and a whole sheet cake. Soon I was 127. Not 165.. but 127. Sure, it wasn’t as big as I used to be, but it was a sign I had to get my binging under control.


I did strict keto and got down to 119 lbs. I looked great. I figured this was my goal weight. No need to lose any more weight or body fat, but I still struggled with cravings and the urge to binge. It was strong. And I knew it was a matter of time before I would give in. So I went Carnivore.


I cut out all fruits and veggies, just meat, eggs, and fish, in the hope I could conquer this demon once and for all.


The Healing Power Of Meat


My appetite was reduced to the point I could now eat once a day. Sugar cravings left. Psoriasis, which I had struggled with- GONE. My psych meds were reduced and then eliminated with the approval of my psychiatrist!


Most importantly- no binge urges for sugary foods! Gone. GONE! GOne! And interestingly enough, I thought I had reached peak physique with keto. Not true.


Carnivore took me down a path I had never gone before with not much effort! I looked better ten years after I did a bikini comp with less exercise and no feelings of deprivation! My weight and body fat went down again with Carnivore.


I have never been this lean in my life, even compared with keto. People think I compete! True, I do compete in strength sports- Olympic lifting and kettlebell sports. But I do not compete in bikinis or figures. Yet people think I do! I don’t have any ups or down and no bipolar episodes since Carnivore. Meat truly does heal.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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2 thoughts on “April improved her eating disorder on a carnivore diet”

  1. Wow, incredible story, truly inspirational! A figure competition has had me up and down for the past five years. It’s time to reconcile this and make some changes myself. Thank you for sharing your story, it looks like you have the love of the fitness lifestyle minus the crap. Congratulations ????

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