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Amanda improved chronic pain and healed digestion on carnivore diet

Hi Shawn,   Here is my success story.   A Life of Chronic Pain and Depression   I have suffered from chronic head/neck/face/tooth/jaw pain for over ten years. I have never had any respite, not for a second during this time.    I have seen over fifty doctors and specialists, and no one has helped; most of them really didn’t

Amy improved skin, asthma, and relationship with food on carnivore diet

Hi, I’m Amy, and the carnivore diet has healed my fibromyalgia, asthma, issues from hysterectomy and pelvic reconstruction, menopausal problems, chronic migraines, disposition for easy injury, and immunity issues as well as further enhanced my recovery from food addiction.   Overcoming Food Addiction and Body Dysmorphia   I have had issues with food addiction and body dysmorphia from as far

Debbie overcomes eating disorder through Carnivore Diet

Defeating Bulimia with a Carnivore Diet    At 54 years young, Debbie was bulimic most of her life from about age 19. She finally found food freedom starting with keto but would still have some bad days because, as she puts it, one can still overeat on keto snacks. She then moved to keto-carnivore, which helped her to cure 30-plus

April improved her eating disorder on a carnivore diet

For years I struggled with binge eating after a bikini comp. Looking back, I realized I entered the bikini comp during an intense manic phase due to my bipolar disorder. Before the bikini comp, I had no issues with binging, even when I was undiagnosed with bipolar disorder. The competition served as a trigger, and from that point on (almost

Lisa stopped her bulimia on carnivore diet

Hi there, my name is Lisa. I’ve been aware of/interested in the carnivore diet for a couple of years now, but for some reason, I have only committed to following this diet’s principles for just under two months so far (commenced June 18, 2018).   I can’t say why it took me this long to jump on board. Maybe I

Anastacia healed bulimia on a carnivore diet

This is a glance at my life story, particularly my history of disordered eating. I am grateful to have found this meat heals site, and I think this is the right place to share in hopes of inspiring others to give this WOE a try. As someone who suffered throughout childhood and most of my adult life with body image

Emma improved her eating disorder and pain on a carnivore diet

At the age of fourteen in the late sixties I became self-conscious of my weight. This was the time when models like Twiggy were popular, fashion and TV made us aware of how fabulous it is to be slim and so trendy. I had to sew my own clothes and copied the short dress styles. I looked cool and that’s

Ashley improves fitness, mood, skin, and weight loss on a carnivore diet

Hi Dr. Baker,   Thank you for your work. Since hearing you speak on Rogan in 2017 about how meat is healing people, I took the leap from Keto to Carnivore and am so glad I did! My details are down below but basically, my benefits are amazing: My skin is flawless! My belly is flat! My body is strong!!!

Jenni healed from eczema on a carnivore diet

Hello dear reader, my name is Jennifer and I want to tell you my story of healing my eczema on a carnivore diet. Clueless Doctor “Your health is great, but you’re still considered obese. But if you keep doing what you’re doing, the weight will come off in no time.” The doctor told me this when I went for my

Ethan gained strength fast on a carnivore diet

My name is Ethan and my story is quite the roller coaster.    Losing weight but still sick Most of my life I have been obese. That all changed when I moved to Mexico. I ended up losing 65 lbs. I was very happy with the amount of weight that I was able to lose even though I was sick.

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