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Lauren manages eating disorders, mood, and skin issues on a low-carb diet

Lauren’s disordered eating and low-carb meat-based journey   Lauren is in her early 30s and has been Carnivore for 8 or 9 months. Her disordered eating began when she was 11 or 12 years old. She struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and what she describes as “very restrictive eating behaviors” up until she began her low-carb meat-based journey.   She always

Evan E reverses ankylosing spondylitis on a carnivore diet

Ever since Evan was young, he had an insatiable hunger that caused him to binge, in addition to his other daily struggles of ADHD, OCD, brain fog, and fatigue. When he turned eleven—embarrassed by his heavy frame—he decided to go on a diet.   Following Conventional Wisdom: Low-Calorie/Low-Fat Diet   Following the conventional wisdom at the time, he started eating

Alicea gains muscle and manages mental health on the carnivore diet

How Alicea’s Carnivore Diet Helped Her Overcome Her Eating Disorders   Alicea lives in northern California. She’s 52 and struggled with eating disorders since she was 15 years old. While she was never obese, she still struggled with bulimia, bingeing, and purging. At one point, she got down to 107 pounds, which isn’t much for her 5′ 7″ frame. Alicea

Serena Beats Disordered Eating On Carnivore Diet

Serena’s Struggle with Eating Disorders and Parosmia   Serena lives in southwest Virginia and has a history of being bulimic for 20 years and disordered eating for ten years after that.   Serena would binge and then not eat for the next two or three days to punish herself. Her mother is an alcoholic, and her father is a drug

Heidi Manages Type 1 Diabetes on Carnivore Diet

Heidi’s Journey with Diabetes   In 2009, Heidi thought her blood sugar problems were over as she welcomed the birth of her son. While still recovering in the hospital, she was assured by the staff that her first meal of Lorna Doone cookies was perfectly fine—gestational diabetes she had while she was pregnant was now a thing of the past. 

Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

The Fruitarian Diet and its Promises of Healing Chronic Diseases   I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for seven years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommend an animal-based diet/carnivore.    I’ve actually helped many in the

Kassandra reverses a lifetime of obesity

Before: a good acne day… Before: forced photo at my largest My Struggles with Weight: A Personal Journey   My name is Kassandra, and my life has been a struggle with weight. My mother and I nearly died during my birth because she had untreated, gestational diabetes. I survived in the NICU because the nurses taped together two incubators since

Ex-Plant Eater Josie Defeats Ulcerative Colitis

A Vegan Overnight: Josie’s Journey to Plant-Based Eating After Struggling with Ulcerative Colitis    When Josie stumbled across a PETA tent at the tender age of 13, she was so moved by their content that she became a vegan overnight.   Fast forward ten years later, and her health was going downhill—fast. After being admitted to the hospital multiple times,

Charity’s improved pregnancy experience on a carnivore diet

From Vegetarian to Carnivore: Charity’s Journey   Charity is a carnivore coach who previously was a vegetarian for over ten years, “super grain heavy, super bean heavy.” She was experiencing severe gut issues and “had chronic constipation for three solid years. Every single day I dealt with this.” She would also get hungry, very emotional, and sweaty when she was

Kimberly resolved adult-onset cystic acne and lost 15lbs

From Athleticism to Inactivity: A Weight Gain Story   Kimberly describes before finding the carnivore way of eating, her diet “could have been better.” Kimberly was an athlete for most of her childhood and into her early twenties. Kimberly says she ate whatever she wanted on the Standard American Diet and didn’t fear gaining weight because she was so active.

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