Sean improved fitness, cannabis addiction, and heart burn on carnivore diet

The Carnivore Diet: How it Changed Sean’s Life


Sean is 23 years old and has already had a tough life. Suffering from depression and anxiety has made it challenging for him to work, a common issue among people with those conditions.


He says, “The carnivore diet has changed my life, I suffered from depression and anxiety that caused me to quit multiple jobs, and now they are completely gone.”


Overcoming Drug Addiction and Anxiety with the Carnivore Diet


Sean found the carnivore diet, and at the time of his success story, he had been following the diet for three months and “eating as much meat as I can.”


He had a cannabis (marijuana) addiction problem that was hard to shake. Because marijuana tends to reduce a person’s motivation, it can make it challenging for some users to stay employed while using it.


It does help greatly with anxiety; however, not being employed may also contribute to anxiety in the long run. Many people find it challenging to stop using marijuana, though it’s not thought to be as addictive as narcotics or similar drugs.


Sean could easily stop, saying, “I had a cannabis addiction that seems to have faded away” only three months after starting the carnivore diet.


The Impact of the Carnivore Diet on Seasonal Allergies and Brain Fog


Sean had hay fever-type seasonal allergies most of his life, and “I learned that my hayfever allergies are mainly triggered by gluten and dairy.” After three months on the carnivore diet, Sean reports that his “symptoms have reduced so much I no longer have to take antihistamines every day.”


This frequent symptom may be brought on by oxidative stress, inflammation, or unstable blood sugar levels. When you have brain fog, you just can’t think clearly or quickly, and irritability can quickly follow.


Through the carnivore diet, Josh found relief from his brain fog and says, “I have no more brain fog. I can wake up in the mornings. Mental cognition feels the best it’s ever been!”


Clearing Up Acne and Gut Discomfort with the Carnivore Diet


Like many young people, Sean has had some problems with acne. He reports that “My acne is 99% gone” after his changed his diet! Since the skin does mirror our health, it’s a great sign.


Many people experience intestinal discomforts from eating plant-based foods, partly because of the toxins, like lectins, that such foods contain. Sean found complete relief from his heartburn and his gut discomforts. These problems vanished after he began his carnivore diet.


It has become very common to see young people lose their health at an early age, and it’s clear that Sean was on this road as well.


Returning to the ancestral human diet, which our bodies evolved to eat, has been key to Sean regaining his health. He has improved from the inside out, from gut to skin health. The ability to beat drug addiction, and heal from brain fog, indicates that his brain has healed as well.


Sean is grateful for the progress and says, “The health benefits I have experienced are so vast I’m probably forgetting some.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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