Sally improved bloating and anxiety on a traditional diet

Diving Into the traditional diet

In a modern world brimming with food options and countless diets, Sally finds herself on the cusp of trying something distinct: the traditional diet. While it seems counterintuitive in a world that often promotes plant-based living, Sally has heard whispers of the benefits derived from an all-meat diet. Skeptical but intrigued, she embarks on this new path to see if the stories of revitalized health and vigor are true.

Life for Sally hasn’t always been smooth sailing. For years, she’s faced nagging health issues. Every meal seems to be followed by predictable bloating, and nights are characterized by restless tossing and turning. Mornings are a battle against fatigue, with her alarm clock acting as the enemy. Add to this an ever-present cloud of anxiety, and Sally feels trapped in her body, constantly searching for a reprieve.

going on a meat-centric diet

Transitioning from a balanced diet, comprising vegetables, grains, and meats, to one dominated by meat is undoubtedly a challenge. Sally recalls her first shopping trip, her cart conspicuously devoid of colorful fruits and vegetables, replaced instead with cuts of beef, pork, fish, and chicken. “The first few days were almost surreal,” she says. Every mealtime brings with it a sense of novelty, as she tastes cuts of meat she’d never tried before, like beef liver, a powerhouse of nutrients.

The beginning is rough. Sally’s body, so used to a spectrum of foods, craves the crispness of a salad, the sweetness of fruits, and the comforting taste of grains. “It felt like I was going against everything I knew about nutrition,” she admits. But she remains steadfast, driven by the promise of potential benefits and a hope to alleviate her chronic symptoms.


benefits of a meat-centric diet

About a month into her carnivorous journey, Sally starts noticing changes. The first sign of improvement is her energy. No longer does she need that mid-afternoon caffeine boost; her body seems to have tapped into a wellspring of vitality. Her gym sessions, previously a chore, transform into sessions of empowerment. Weights feel lighter, and stamina sees a noticeable increase. The bloating, that constant post-meal companion, starts becoming an infrequent visitor.

Eating out, once a joy, morphs into a challenge. Not only due to the limited menu choices but because of the reactions from peers. Friends raise eyebrows, waiters seem perplexed, and family members offer unsolicited advice. But Sally, equipped with her newfound energy and improved health, takes these in stride. She patiently explains her reasons and the transformative changes she’s been experiencing.

By month five, Sally starts reintroducing some animal-based variations. She finds solace in eggs, especially when she craves diversity in texture. Some days, a splash of cream finds its way into her coffee. Sally understands the importance of personalization. “A diet should be a personal journey, tailored to one’s needs,” she muses.

Reflecting on the traditional diet

As she completes her sixth month, Sally sits down one evening, contemplating her journey. The traditional diet, initially a leap into the unknown, has reshaped her life. While she acknowledges it might not be the golden key for everyone, she can’t help but appreciate the doors it has unlocked for her. “It’s been a revelation,” she declares. Yet, Sally believes the most significant lesson lies in listening to one’s body and continuously adapting, ensuring one’s dietary choices remain a source of nourishment and joy.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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