Rishi improved digestion and body composition on a carnivore diet

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I did solely meat for 2018 and ~April 2019.
A1C, BG all went down immediately and clothes started getting loose. Triglycerides (TG) were in control but I still ran quite high lipids. I expected it to normalize but it did not really. Weight went down and clothes were getting looser. My irritable bowel symptoms improved by 80%-still needed more work.
IN that time I was able to reduce reflux to not needing any PPI. Not surprisingly the chronic cough I had abated, probably as reflux subsided.  Mood, concentration improved as I was fat adapted.I must say I am also on TRT and the weight dropped helped curb aromatization.
However my weight drop capped at 205-209 and I needed to change something. I was already in gym quite frequently.
in April of 2019 I started Intermittent fasting and dropped calories from ~2300 down to 1900. I did find that with the reduced calorie load and 16 hour fasted time I needed some targeted carbs during feed time. I could not nail down root cause of  leftover digestive issues so I ceased cheese (cows). That also removed a nice easy fat supply from the diet-which I relied on as a snack.
From April to now the weight went off fast. I got down to 196, but the body looked different!. It was so rapid I noticed it..and others too. I recently have to buy Large shirts (down from XL) ,a smaller belt and smaller pants/gymwear.
What also happened was a drop in LDL, raise in HDL. The calorie drop and IF really normalized my cholesterol levels.
So, yes I am meat based. I still eat my ribeyes,  duck, liver,fish, shrimp, egg, bacon. I only eat around 100—120 gm of targeted carbs during feeding window. They are mostly simple carbs (rice, potato) and they are usually when I break fast, post workout, or last meal before fast.
I debated adding carbs, but I will say without them I could be a bear of a person..especially on IF. By adding the carbs with IF I realized my mood stabilized. I could sustain conditioning better and  The weight was going off so I kept it.
I know some people will see this is a religion and claim this is not carnivore. Yeah I dont care what people say. The bulk of my nutrition is from pastured/wild caught meat (from Whole Foods=). I have become really good at listening to what my body needs and developed the discipline to eat as needed. I guess I would say I follow a meat based diet.
So this journey took me from 230lbs to 196lbs. IN that time I unlearned the things I was told in healthcare and went on my own journey.
I started TRT
I went to meat based -scared many and had to counter the lectures about heart health
I took labs q3 months for last 3 years
I did a Coronary artery scan in 2019 and got a full work up by a cardiologist
My CAC score was ZERO after a year on ribeyes (and an unhealthy/overweight decade) My QRS complex was textboox, ventricles strong and no peripheral blockages despite running very high LDL levels. My cardio said -” You have a 15 year lease on life-I dont need to see you in 15 years. Continue what you are doing”. I do wonder if carnivore reversed any plaque/inflammation. Because with ym family history-I must have had some
My thyroid levels stabilized, inflammation markers started going down, Vit D went up!
The reduced body fat meant I aromatized less Testosterone to estrogen so this realy helped stabilize my androgen levels in my TRT . My TRT doc was very pleased and started recommending it to others.
I am a clinician-and most at work with me would never do this. I did it, took labs and tracked it, It works!
I am leaner, I am stronger than I ever was, my sex drive is great. I feel confident, full of energy and mental acuity (which I need for my 2 professions).
I feel 45 is my new 30 and I want to conquer the world-and icnrease my squat and deadlift as well=)
I am not one for selfies not putting pics online, but  I will try to take a recent pic. Pretty sure I have fat pics from before lol
Well this is my life thus far. 2020 goals are to be leaner into 180s, but be as strong as a 200+ guy.
I am glad Dr Baker had video/information out there that allowed me to make my own decision.
I did buy into the whole plant health thing, red meat bad thing..meat bad for environment thing.
Now I just employ critical thinking and journal critiques=)

Listen to Coach Rishi’s interview on the Revero podcast below:

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