Priscilla eliminated joint pain, eczema, and binge eating disorder on a carnivore diet

Before embarking on her health journey, Priscilla weighed 208 lbs at 5’ 4” tall. She had eczema and lots of joint pain and was only 20 years old. In 2018, she began a ketogenic diet and lost weight as she dropped to 127 pounds by the end of the year. Some of her other symptoms, however, remained.


Priscilla’s Health Journey: From Ketogenic to Carnivore Diet

When she first heard about the carnivore diet, Priscilla thought it sounded impossible. She was convinced that vegetables, fiber, and fruit were all necessary for health. “Little did I know that no, you don’t, and that’s what was contributing to the inflammation in my legs, my joint pain, my anxiety. And I had no idea until I took it all out.”


Priscilla’s body began dictating her diet when she was pregnant. She says, “When I started the diet, I was six months pregnant. Any time I ate vegetables, I got sick. And I thought, ‘maybe there are other crazy people out here that are carnivores while they’re pregnant.”


Carnivore Diet for a Sensory Disorder: Priscilla’s Daughter

Priscilla found a Facebook group for pregnant women on the carnivore diet. “I had extreme, bad varicose veins especially when I was pregnant, and the second I took out the vegetables and fiber, the things that I thought were good for me, the inflammation in my legs got a lot better.”


Priscilla got better body composition, gained more strength, recovered from depression and anxiety, and her eczema went away completely. This was important because “It’s not flattering; I’m a person of very deep skin tones, so having these white patches on my body didn’t look great and didn’t make me feel good either.”


How the Carnivore Diet Improved Priscilla’s Symptoms

She eats a simple diet: “The norm for me is a pound and a half to two pounds of meat, some organ meats, and ghee in my coffee on weekends.”


She limits her dairy as she finds that it causes flare-ups of her joint pain, though she can cook in ghee without any problems. After six months of being a strict carnivore, Priscilla tried to add berries and occasional “keto treats.” She found that her joint pain and eczema would return.


She loves the fast simplicity of the carnivore diet. She purchases ½ a cow at a time from a local farmer, so she can grab a package of meat from her freezer and put it in her air fryer.


Priscilla’s Simple and Fast Approach to the Carnivore Diet

Priscilla’s daughter has a sensory disorder, and she found that keeping her on a ketogenic carnivore diet makes her function completely normally.


She advises, “I think the biggest trouble people have to get over is social settings, and then just getting started. My biggest advice is nobody cares what you’re eating. Just eat meat and feel good; just try it!”


Priscilla’s results speak strongly: “When I gave birth, I weighed 143 pounds. Well, seven weeks later I was 119 pounds. A lot of mothers, post-partum, have a hard time losing weight. I didn’t have that problem. It was the easiest weight loss, and I was even smaller than when I got pregnant!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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