Rhonda cured anaemia and reduced menopause symptoms on the carnivore diet

Rhonda’s Journey to Better Health


Rhonda grew up on a family farm, eating organically raised and wild game. When she became a mother, she started eating a lot more carbohydrates to stretch her budget, turning her diet for the worse.


“I can remember so many times of that constant yo-yo of the coffee and then the carb crash and then the coffee high and the carb crash. I remember just being exhausted all the time.”


The Stressful Career That Contributed to Poor Health


She also had an extremely stressful career, as she says, “I was also working as a trauma consultant, attending tragedies a lot, and doing crisis intervention in communities. With that happening, I wasn’t able to take care of my health at all. For over ten years, my diet was absolutely terrible.”


Turning to Bodybuilding and the Ketogenic Diet


After tragedy came to visit Rhonda when her adoptive father passed away, she began working on improving her health. She entered a bodybuilding competition at age 47 to force herself to work on health.


The bodybuilding diets were very strict but helped her meet some health goals. Her weight would fluctuate 25-30 pounds between competitions, though. She heard about the ketogenic diet, which was an improvement over her previous carb-heavy diet.


Rhonda began to be worried about her health and stopped bodybuilding competitions at age 50. She immediately went on a fully ketogenic diet.


Discovering the Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


After hearing about the carnivore diet, she said, “When I saw that, I said, ‘Yeah, that would work perfectly for my life.” Rhonda went on the carnivore diet herself and saw her bloating go away immediately.


“I liked right away what I was feeling. I started sleeping better, and I found a calmness that helped me go to a place that I needed to go.”


Simplicity and Relief with the Carnivore Diet


Rhonda found that she appreciated the simplicity of the carnivore diet, saying, “When you live in the world of measuring and weighing all of your food, for so long on a bodybuilding diet, to get to carnivore and just eat satiating food that brought peace within my body, was brand new to me. It’s such a relief not to even have to think about what I’m consuming.”


Surprising Health Benefits on the Carnivore Diet


Rhonda had been anemic her whole life, struggling to keep her iron levels out of the red. For the first time, her iron went up to normal. This provided her with “high energy, all the time, every day.” Even signs of aging have subsided: “The skin around my eyes has softened, wrinkles went away, I have less gray hair than I had, I don’t sunburn… It’s great to be anti-aging at this age.”


Anti-Aging Benefits and Stable Weight


“Tonight, we’re having a moose/burger combination. I eat all the meats, all the fish, all the seafood, and all the dairy without complications. For the first time in my life, my weight is stable. I’m sitting at 131 this morning, and that’s where it’s been for 11 months now.”


Rhonda’s Love for the Carnivore Diet and Journey to Healing


“It’s been a fun ride! It’s been super exciting to test yourself, see what happens, and see what next levels of healing you can actually achieve. I would highly recommend it.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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