February 21, 2021

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Simon helps others gain a new understanding of how our body works on a Carnivore diet

Before discovering the carnivore diet, Simon experimented for 14-15 years with diets and weightlifting to improve his appearance and how people would perceive him. When he saw Lee Haney, the bodybuilder, he heard him say “you cannot lift like a horse and eat like a bird.” Simon began eating more food! In 4 years, he gained 60 lbs, going from

Casey has helped hundreds of clients transition onto low carb/keto/carnivore

From Nutrition Coach to Carnivore: Casey’s Journey Prior to becoming carnivore, Casey was a nutrition coach and personal trainer for 13 years. The advice was what was typically given, with lots of vegetables and carbohydrates.   Low-carb Diet through Endurance Sports He found the low-carb way through endurance sports: “I found a higher fat, lower carb diet through endurance sports.

Robyn D healed 5 autoimmune diseases and removed 24 medications on a carnivore diet

Robyn was on a ketogenic diet before learning about the carnivore diet and has been a keto diet coach for years. Before keto, she was never very overweight or obese, but always wanted to be “skinny.” She says “I have been on a diet since before 14 years old, standard low-fat high-carb” and that this caused problems: “I developed binging

Rhonda cured anaemia and reduced menopause symptoms on the carnivore diet

Rhonda’s Journey to Better Health   Rhonda grew up on a family farm, eating organically raised and wild game. When she became a mother, she started eating a lot more carbohydrates to stretch her budget, turning her diet for the worse.   “I can remember so many times of that constant yo-yo of the coffee and then the carb crash

Priscilla eliminated joint pain, eczema, and binge eating disorder on a carnivore diet

Before embarking on her health journey, Priscilla weighed 208 lbs at 5’ 4” tall. She had eczema and lots of joint pain and was only 20 years old. In 2018, she began a ketogenic diet and lost weight as she dropped to 127 pounds by the end of the year. Some of her other symptoms, however, remained.   Priscilla’s Health

Elizabeth treats her type 1 diabetes, lost weight and has more energy on a carnivore diet

The Carnivore Diet: A Simple Solution for Diabetes Control   When Elizabeth was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, it was “a huge curveball for my life.” She started a ketogenic diet six months later but kept “falling off the wagon.” She gained some weight, up to a high of 207 pounds, and her A1c went over 8. Elizabeth was looking

Pieter achieved health and weight loss results on a carnivore diet

Pieter’s Quest For A Healthy Diet   When Pieter first became a father, he decided to become a dietician so he could learn to raise his daughter healthily. He soon became frustrated about all the different viewpoints and had no agreement on what is a healthy diet.   “You cannot have a decent discussion with anyone about it because of

Parveen improved metabolic, thyroid, and mental health on a Carnivore diet

Meet Parveen, one of Carnivore.Diet’s coaches. Her journey started years ago when she had developed a leaky gut and was getting severe migraines, joint pain, and more. “I was reacting to all kinds of food; I had all kinds of environmental allergies to the point where I actually had to carry an EpiPen.” She didn’t find any help from the

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