Pieter achieved health and weight loss results on a carnivore diet

Pieter’s Quest For A Healthy Diet


When Pieter first became a father, he decided to become a dietician so he could learn to raise his daughter healthily. He soon became frustrated about all the different viewpoints and had no agreement on what is a healthy diet.


“You cannot have a decent discussion with anyone about it because of their point of view. I thought there should be one defining way that’s healthy, but it turns out that’s not the case, and there’s not one way that all the experts agree on.”


From Ketogenic To Carnivore Diet


He found the ketogenic diet and adopted that in 2017, later transitioning to the carnivore diet after some ups and downs with recurrent fatigue and allergies.


Battling Fatigue With Diet


Pieter had problems with extreme levels of fatigue. He says, “My biggest point to ditch the carbs was my fatigue, and I had a really big problem with dozing off after eating and at random times.”


His issues with fatigue got so severe that he fell asleep while at work, coaching someone to help them return to work. “They had a client on the other side of the table, and I would just fall asleep during the conversation.


It was so embarrassing, and I had to go outside and pull myself together before coming back in and finishing it. It was just horrible.”


Overcoming Skin And Hay Fever Issues


At 39 years old, and knowing his family’s history of diabetes, he was a little scared and realized that if he was going to change something, the time was now. Cutting out carbs made it a lot better, and he lost some weight, from almost 200 pounds down to 172 (Pieter is 6’ 4”).


When Pieter decided to go strictly carnivore, he ate eggs, bacon, and meat for about two months, and “the weight just melted off, down to 80 kg (172 pounds), which is what I weighed when I was 20. My wife, she told me I look great.”


Pieter also had skin issues, with flaky eczema on his face. This cleared up when he removed dairy products from his diet. He also had a history of serious hay fever: “I really could not do anything for like two months, and just a runny nose like a tap from my nose, itchy eyes, and light would make my eyes water.”


“I was unable to work for one or two months each summer. Now that I’m a strict carnivore, I only have a little itchiness and sneezing in the morning.”


Experimenting With Different Diets


Pieter tried going back to a ketogenic diet or reintroducing grains to check what would happen. His symptoms would come back again each time. Some people can add foods back, using Carnivore as an elimination diet, but others must stay quite strict.


Becoming A Strict Carnivore


Pieter now eats two meals a day and is fascinated with the ability to skip meals. He enjoys having no cravings and has the will to ignore the foods the rest of his family eats. He is now a carnivore coach, helping others find the healing, energy, and satiety that has transformed his life!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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