Filiz went from Keto/Carnivore to full Carnivore Zero Carb life and experienced a new way of being

Filiz’s Journey to a Carnivore Diet

Before becoming a carnivore, Filiz was on a standard Turkish diet, which included a lot of meat but also a lot of carbs. She experimented with vegetarian, plant-based diets but felt better eating some meat.


In time, Filiz got started on a carnivore diet because she had three friends that experienced the benefits of the carnivore diet. “Particularly one of them. He lost a lot of weight, and I saw that and thought ‘I want that for myself.”


Benefits of a Carnivore Diet Experienced by Filiz

Within a week of her meat-only diet, she noticed no more bloating or discomfort after eating. Previously, she would also wake up in the morning with pains in her gut and would have to rush to the bathroom. After going on the carnivore diet, “Those issues were gone, and that alone was sufficient to keep me compliant with the diet.”


The second benefit Filiz experienced was more energy: “I’m sharp in the mornings, instead of groggy and you know, dragging myself out of bed, which is nice so there’s that mental clarity. And then, before, after meals with carbs I used to feel drowsy.


That used to steal from my productivity. No more so-from the moment I wake up until the time I go to bed, just the same, which is amazing!”


Filiz’s Meat Choices and Dairy/Egg Intake

On a typical day, Filiz eats beef and lamb and doesn’t eat much fish because she doesn’t find it satisfying. She occasionally eats pork, but finds “I just don’t feel great on it.” She does eat eggs occasionally but finds that if she eats too many she gets a burning feeling in her gut. Similarly, if she eats too much dairy she gets acne again, so she only has a little occasionally when she misses it.


Simplifying Life on a Carnivore Diet

Filiz finds her carnivore diet provides a simplicity that she appreciates, saying “What I like about this way of eating for the most part is how easy it is and how liberating not having to take a long time to, you know, prepare, chop, cut foods or even have to think about your meal until you start feeling a little rumbling in your stomach, yeah!”


She was a “ferocious snacker” before carnivore, and Filiz enjoys “not having to think about snacking every six seconds. It’s great to not have to think about food all the time.”


Improved Sleep and Recommendation for Trying the Diet

Filiz found her need for sleep has decreased too. She says, “I was always a big sleeper. I think I sleep about an hour less on carnivore, and if I undersleep for any reason I can still power on during the course of the day within reason, and that’s also great.”


Filiz recommends giving the diet time to work. “My impression is the only people who have gone on carnivore and not decided to stick with it are those who tried it for a short while and get overwhelmed with the transition symptoms, and decide to go back to how they were eating.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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