Seb helps people overcome depression and dependency issues fitness on a Carnivore diet

Seb was fit and active, eating a lot of carbs for 40 years, but then one day realized it wasn’t working for him. “I wasn’t feeling that great. I saw a podcast by Dr. Shawn Baker and heard him going on about world carnivore tribe, and world carnivore month, and I was talking to my girlfriend and said ‘this looks pretty good. For a month I can just do bunless burgers. I decided to give that a go.”

He found that his symptoms improved quite quickly, saying, “In that month I really noticed that I started to feel a lot better. My mind was getting clearer, my joints that were sore from all the running were less sore, and I felt better.”

Having four kids, and all the carbs in the house, it took 10 months before Seb was able to really “go for it” and do carnivore 100%.

During that time, he was told he needed surgery to repair ligaments in his foot. Wearing a cast for six weeks, he decided to be really strict with the carnivore diet. At the end of six weeks of inactivity, he had lost weight and felt better, without any exercise at all!

Seb includes some dairy, and eats two meals daily by eating at 11 AM. He eats ground beef, with some herbs and garlic. In the evening, he eats barbecued picanha.

He just climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa and does runs in the desert of Jordan or mountain biking adventures, leading a very active, adventurous life.

Seb is a carnivore coach and helps other people discover the carnivore life. He is working on buying a farm to create a “carnivore camp.”

He notes that “I find with this diet, a lot of food cravings fall away, and it gets much easier to focus on the more important things, and worry a lot less about food and a lot more about exercise and adventure.”

“I had surgery on my shoulder three times, and they told me it was the last time. I’d broken it in a motorcycle accident. In spring 2020 they said ‘you’re going to need a new shoulder’. On this diet last year, it started to get a lot more supple, and I said ‘I’m going to try a push up.’ Over time, I was able to do loads of them, and my shoulders are fine, and I was able to cancel the surgery.”

One of Seb’s kids started to have epileptic seizures, and after reading about the “old days” when keto and carnivore diets were the treatments of choice, he suggested his kid try carnivore. After going on this diet, his child didn’t have any more seizures at all.

He has seen friends and family also beat alcohol addictions by being on the carnivore diet, and is planning on helping more people improve this way.

“Try out this diet, and you’ll get ten years added to your life. I feel like Superman again!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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