Phil improved digestion, fitness, mental health, sleep on carnivore diet

Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet On Personal Health


I’m pretty healthy. Always have been. I suppose I’m an example of the carnivore diet (mostly beef with salt) benefiting even those who are doing fairly well to begin with:


Initial Health Concerns


I started getting sweaty hands and feet around 18. I really started to notice how warm I would get after meals and especially crap food. I used protein shakes and PB&Js after workouts in college. Eventually noticed slight constipation. Off-and-on knee pain from about 17–figured it was from running track and skateboarding. Always been a rough, though careful, player since childhood.


Discovering The Carnivore Diet


Now I’ve been working the night shift for two years. Heard about the Petersons, Baker, and read Pollan. I thought maybe I could try it to see if I could be less tired all the time.


Miraculous Improvements In Health And Well-Being


Then everything got better. Just like JP said, all the miraculously numerous improvements happened, even improved coordination, which was already pretty good. My knees feel like when I was 15.


I’m not at all intimidated by the work I have left on my 2nd bachelor’s. I’m not high all the time, but never low. Steady slight positivity. It’s cool to see how much stuff I can get done. And I sleep waaaaay better. Now when I choose to sleep, I actually do. As I said, I work the night shift, so it means a lot.


Overcoming Fear And Doubts


I’m no longer afraid of the day my knees give out. I’m looking forward really intently all the time. I think I remember I felt this way back when I was a kid with ALL of my life ahead of me, high test scores, and no knee pain.


Inspiring Others And Achieving Unexpected Results


Sadly, I could not convince my arthritic grandmother or anyone else in my overweight immediate family. I hope this helps someone out there.


To end on a positive note: I got a six-pack! I look like Bruce Lee with my shirt off now, exercising only 30-45 minutes weekly. Not what I was after, but a fine bonus.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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