Matt improved his PSA and testosterone on carnivore diet

Matt’s Background

Matt is a fifty-two-year-old prostate cancer survivor with a carnivore diet healing story. Previously, he says that “I was following a standard American diet; my mom is the quintessential Italian lady… buckets full of pasta in the house all the time; that’s how I grew up.”


He says that his diet when he was growing up was two to three pounds of pasta a week, fruits, vegetables, salads, and any kind of meat.


Matt describes his adult lifestyle as “watching TV on the couch, eating pretzels, chips, and Doritos; that’s basically what I did.”


Diagnosis and Treatment

Matt was soon to receive a life-changing diagnosis: “I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and had a radical prostatectomy, that was removed. A little less than a year later, it came back.”


He went through radiation treatment and was put on hormone therapy. Matt says the Lupron he was given “ballooned me up. I’m about five eight and a half; it took me up to 210 pounds and knocked my testosterone down to zero.”


He says this “completely destroyed any kind of energy I had.”


Matt’s gut had become very unpredictable during this time, as he explains, “At the same time, I was never diagnosed with irritable bowel, but if I ate the wrong thing, I had to go to the bathroom immediately. Constant bowel movements, all day.”


Matt says his annual cholesterol readings were “always bad, always stop eating meat; your triglycerides are too high; your HDL is too low; your LDL is too high… I just wish I would have known then what I know now.”


Carnivore Diet Adoption

Ten months ago, Matt went “cold turkey” and “stopped everything else. Bought ten ribeyes. I woke up on August 4th, and ate a one-pound ribeye. I followed the rule of ‘eat when you’re hungry, till you’re full.’ I was full. I waited; didn’t have lunch, which I typically did every day. About four o’clock I got hungry again, and ate another ribeye.”Matt stuck with it and said he had some diarrhea but no real problems adapting to the diet. He also incorporated eggs, bacon, and grass-fed ground beef. “Everything is cooked in butter.”


Results and Benefits

His results were satisfying: “My stomach flattened in about three weeks. I lost seven pounds the first month, I’m down over 50 now; less than eight pounds from my high school weight.”


Matt hasn’t had to take omeprazole (a reflux medication) since September. He also says that his regular blood work is “better now than probably I can remember early back into my 20s.”


Matt says that his recent blood work also showed “my testosterone jumped higher than it was prior to my prostate cancer. My doctors at Sloan-Kettering can’t believe my results, and I keep telling them they need to start doing some research.”


“Previously each blood test post prostate cancer showed my PSA rising along with my testosterone. Recent test, Nov 26th, showed undetectable PSA, and my highest testosterone reading in close to 3 years. Overall I feel fantastic!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Matt improved his PSA and testosterone on carnivore diet”

  1. Great story, I have a family member in the early stages of prostate cancer treatment etc.. Any updates on the story by Matt? Thanks

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