Matt improved his PSA and testosterone on carnivore diet

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51 YO Male. Prostate cancer survivor (48). Removed, hormone therapy and radiation. 

Carnivore for 4 months. Down 20 pound. 205 to 185. 
Last cholesterol December 2019- total chol- 201. Triglyc- 111. LDL-118. HDL-61. Non-HDL-140. Ratio- 3.3. Glucose 93. 
I have had an issue with my PSA. Yesterday in was 0.04, and my Test was 288. The highest it’s been since the prostate was removed. Previously when my rest went up, so did my PSA. no more. 
Thanks Dr Baker. 



6 months carnivore. Lost about 25 pounds. 
Previously each blood test post prostate cancer showed my PSA rising along with my testosterone. Recent test, Nov 26th, showed undetectable PSA, and my highest testosterone reading in close to 3 years. 
I was on chemo/hormone therapy, which added weight. 
Overall I feel fantastic

Watch or listen to Matt’s interview on the podcast below:

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1 thought on “Matt improved his PSA and testosterone on carnivore diet”

  1. Great story, I have a family member in the early stages of prostate cancer treatment etc.. Any updates on the story by Matt? Thanks

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