Danica improved digestion, arthritis, allergies, sleep on carnivore diet

Hello from the Andes mountains in northern Chile.

First, I want to say that I love your YouTube channel. I appreciate your frankness and that you do not pretend to know everything. That you understand that there is still much to learn. 

I wanted to tell you my journey to carnivory. You inspired me to give it a red hot go.
In 1999. I was 270 pounds. I tried all sorts of diets, especially the calorie restricted diet. As a scientist, I was a firm believer in the calories in, calories out model. After all, that was what I was taught. Who was I to question the “experts”?
I went to my internist for help. She put me on Lipitor for my cholesterol and an 800 calorie low fat diet.

I followed it religiously. I kept gaining…and gaining. My cholesterol became worse. I had an adverse reaction to the Lipitor and stopped taking it.
My doctor continuously accused me of cheating on my diet. I was not. God knows I wanted to because I was so effing hungry all the time.
By the end of that year, my weight was north of 350…I didn’t know for sure because the scale didn’t go past that.

I was living in Manhattan at the time and I saw something about Dr Atkins on the news and it was a very negative piece about him and the diet that would kill people.

He rebutted and what he said made sense.

I bought his book and made an appointment with him.
Jan 2000, I started eating low carb.

The results were dramatic and by August, I had lost over 100 pounds, hired a personal trainer, and went to my internist for what I knew was the last time. She was so impressed and congratulated me for finally sticking to my diet.
When I told her what I was doing, she did an about-face and said that the diet would kill me. I fired her that day.
Eventually, my weight loss stalled so I bumped up my ratio of fat like Atkins recommended.

It took 2 years to reach my goal weight of 135. 

I still didn’t feel great. I never associated my aches, pains, poor sleep, and allergies with the grains, legumes, or vegetables that I was eating.
Recently, the keto diet came to my attention.

I tried it. Eliminated all packaged food. I started feeling better. Better, not great. I was still suffering from severe depression and was still having bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
Then I saw something about carnivore.

I watched a few of your videos and started researching.

Then I decided to try it for a month.

I hated it–at first. I missed veg. Despite the fact that I was feeling fantastic (no arthritis pain, no more allergies, great sleep), when I did my next shop, I loaded up on leafy greens. 
What a disappointment. They didn’t appeal to me. Except cauliflower and cabbage. What I really craved was meat. 

So, aside from a small bit of cabbage or broccoli (once or twice a month), I eat meat.
I will tell you that I am almost 60 and currently run 6 miles each morning with my dogs. I do a lot of physical labor as I am now a goat and sheep farmer (chickens and rabbits, too). No modern anything, except my cell phone and a very small solar energy system. Running water goes out often, so there are times when I have to haul water from the river to the animal pens (more tha 100 yards away). I have to cut and haul alfalfa every day to feed them. I work about 12 hours every single day. 

I have never felt better. My life has been transformed thanks to this way of eating.
Thank you.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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