Margaret heals digestion, mood, sleep, and fatigue on a carnivore diet

Five Areas of Improvement on the Carnivore Diet


Margaret shares her incredible results on a zero-carb carnivore diet in just six weeks. Beginning with an LCHF diet (low-carbohydrate, high-fat) on September 18, 2017, she transitioned to a carnivore diet on November 9, 2017.


Before shifting away from carbohydrates, Margaret had grown accustomed to consuming high amounts of fiber, primarily whole grains and fresh vegetables. Following mainstream nutrition advice, she only allowed small portions of lean meats and dairy.


Today, Margaret’s plate looks a lot different! “I currently eat mostly beef and pork with a little lamb, chicken, and fish. A few times a week, I include dairy.” She starts her morning with black coffee and allows herself one glass of red wine per week.


While these are not traditionally part of a carnivore diet, many people who consume them in moderation still experience the wonderful benefits of a meat-based diet.


Margaret details her journey by sharing five main areas of improvement.


Improved Digestion


Digestion: In April 2011, Margaret went in for what was supposed to be a routine colonoscopy, but it “went awry”. As a result, Margaret suffered from chronic constipation and abdominal pain.


“I relied on daily laxatives (near or at maximum dosage) for over six years,” she notes. Unable to wean off of them on a high-fiber diet, Margaret is pleased to report that the carnivore diet turned things around.


“I weaned off the laxatives completely as of November 20, 2017. I now average four or five bowel movements weekly, and my chronic abdominal pain is finally gone!”


Better Sleep


Sleep: “I suffered from severe insomnia for over a decade,” Margaret recalls. “I only averaged two or three hours of sleep four to five nights per week.”


Since starting a carnivore diet six weeks ago, she’s pleased to report only one night of insomnia per week. On those rare occasions when she does struggle to fall asleep initially, she still gets up to six hours of sleep. Most nights, Margaret enjoys a healthy average of seven or eight hours of sleep.


No More Headaches


Headaches: Margaret previously suffered from frequent tension headaches and took ibuprofen daily to manage the pain. Those, too, are a thing of the past! “I haven’t had a single headache since I started a carnivore diet!”


Decreased Lipoma Size


Lipoma: For over twenty years, Margaret had a bothersome lipoma on her back that grew to the size of a half-golf ball. Lipomas are fatty deposits that slowly grow between the skin and muscle layer.


Like skin tags, in most cases, they are benign. Many doctors will not treat a lipoma unless it is particularly large or in a bothersome area, and patients are often told there’s nothing to be done. “Today, my lipoma is almost gone. It’s just barely perceptible under my skin!”


No Need for Deodorant


Deodorant: Margaret notes she hasn’t used deodorant for the past three weeks, something she previously wouldn’t dare to do.


While this was not an intentional move, she “forgot to use it one day” and realized she “no longer needed it” as her body chemistry became more balanced on a carnivore diet.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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